Monday, April 4, 2011

The Great Easter Egg Hunt-Best Ever!!

easter egg hunt v
So, my family has perfected the art of Easter Egg Hunts.  Seriously!  Last year and this year were the best.ever.Egg Hunts that I’ve ever been to!
Some ground rules for the Best Easter Egg Hunt ever!
1.  Everyone brings one filled egg per child (all of us went way over because each child ended up with 20 eggs to find!).
2.  Decorate some eggs.
3.  Buy some themed or shaped eggs (those bugs were dollar store!!).
4.  Fill with super fun things.
5.  Write children’s names on each egg (to help with hiding difficulty).
6.  Hide in unusual and creative ways.
7.  Have adults hide the children’s eggs because this part really is half the fun!
8.  Hide eggs depending on child’s abilities, make sure to go really hard on the teenage children!  They might scowl about it, but they are super eager to do it again the next year! Winking smile
9.  If , last week, you just found an egg from last year, make sure to hide one of that child’s eggs in the exact same spot!
10.  Enjoy the amazing time with your family!!!
easter egg hunt xeaster egg hunt w
Some of our eggs are pretty to look at like these dangling eggs tied up with pretty ribbons and name tags.
easter egg hunt xa
I try not to post pictures of my kids for safety reasons.  Today’s post will give you glimpses of all 3 of my kiddos.  Here is my oldest next to Erika.  Um, Ya!  She’s bigger than me now!  I knew this would happen…just not yet!  Such a doll, too!
easter egg hunt qeaster egg hunt r
Can you believe Katrina?  She crocheted eggs for each kid, complete with their initial on them!  So darling!
easter egg hunt aj
Look closely at this picture.  Anjeanette made those washcloth Easter Bunnies!  Again, so darling!
easter egg hunt aheaster egg hunt
Another thing that is so fun about our Easter Egg Hunts are what we put in them.  Last year I put Lego crayons that I made inside some of the eggs.  This year I made jean bookmarks with each child’s name embroidered on it.  We are avid readers in my family so this is perfect for my family!  Later this week I’ll show you the bookmarks and how to make the eggs I hid them in!
easter egg hunt u
Nana had golden eggs that she filled with money!  Shockingly, that was such a huge hit!!
easter egg hunt geaster egg hunt f
How about fun ways to get your eggs?  I made these this year.  The tags were so cute, sorry I had to ruin your view of them by blocking out the names.  Just trust me they are ca-ute!
easter egg hunt aaeaster egg hunt ab
I just planted them loosely so that all the kids had to do was pull on the tags and the attached egg came up easily.  I’ll show you how to make your own, later this week!
Did you catch those shots of my other two cuties?  I swear I could just eat them up!  They all looked so darling in their Spring-y clothes!  Mmmm, I love those 3!!
easter egg hunt beaster egg hunt heaster egg hunt peaster egg hunt keaster egg hunt ieaster egg hunt d
There are so many fantastic eggs out there that make Easter so much more fun!  Melissa (another sister of mine) got ones that looked like grass, stone, dirt, etc.  Too easy to find places to hide them!  Other super cute eggs were tennis balls, bugs, and camo!
easter egg hunt aieaster egg hunt ae
The next important part is how and where you hide your eggs.  Some of the Uncles’ creativity is really what is making these Egg Hunts so much fun (plus we now have children that are old enough to actually be expected to “hunt” for their eggs).  Above is an egg that was buried with a shovel next to it.  This was from last year and it was the first time we had a buried egg.  Children were also finding the eggs up higher than they could reach!
easter egg hunt yeaster egg hunt ad
This egg on top of the pole was passed by so many times before it’s owner found it!
easter egg hunt akeaster egg hunt al
Look closely at the lemon in the middle of the picture.  A hole was cut into a lemon, just big enough for a yellow egg.  The lemon was still attached to the tree, with an egg in it!  See the hole in the 2nd picture, after the egg was found!  This is still my favorite hiding of an egg EVER!!  So brilliant!
easter egg hunt ameaster egg hunt an
Can you even spot the eggs in these pictures?  They are there!
easter egg hunt aceaster egg hunt ao
Holes are an obvious choice for egg hiding.  Lots of eggs are ending up on top of the house.  That one was under the roof of the second story!
easter egg hunt jeaster egg hunt s
You have to look everywhere, stuck to windows, and high up in the air!
easter egg hunt z
OK this one is not officially my child, he’s Erika’s Son (don’t sisters’ children count as my own!?).  Such a cutie!!

I’m still on cloud nine from the wonderful time I was able to spend with my family!  It makes me so content to have quality time with my family!!

What are some of your Easter Egg Hunt traditions?  What has been your favorite Easter Egg Hunt?  Do you have any Easter Egg Hunt mishaps?  For example, one year we hid all of our hard boiled eggs for the kids.  One was on the top of an open fence…the egg slid down the inside of the fence pole and we could NOT get it out.  YUCK!!  Or another year our sprinklers turned on in the middle of the Egg Hunt going on on our lawn.  And of course we were all in our new Easter outfits! Winking smile


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Amanda said...

this sounds like soooo much fun! I am pregnant with my first and now I just cannot wait till he/she is older for easter egg hunts with future brothers and sisters and cousins!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Thanks, Amanda! We used to go to a city sponsored egg hunt, as a whole extended family. That is really fun when the kids are younger! Lots of great photos ops! ;) But around here those are more of an egg grab, as eggs are just thrown out on the ground of a field. There is no actual hunting necessary, just grab as fast as you can. Also there are usually extra carnival type games to play as well. Now we've moved on to a real Egg Hunt! YAY!

Jen said...

My son is just a baby but when he gets older I can't wait to do something like this. I'm bookmarking this so I can have some ideas for the future. Thanks for sharing :) (I totally understand not sharing pics of your children online or their names. As much as I'd love to show the world how adorable he is on my blog you just never know who is looking at your page!)

Happy Home Fairy said...

Good heavens! I can't get over the magic! I love it all! Will probably use some of these ideas for our church egg hunt! I just did a post featuring a free printable scavenger hunt for your Happy Buddies to do on Easter morning - 8 clues in all! I'd love it if you'd pop over to check it out! Thank you for all the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have never seen such an amazing egg hunt! Great stuff! Thanks for dropping by Clearly Candace! Glad I could stop in for the fun!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

You guys should hire out! I mean - this is definitely a very clever egg hiding team!

Kurt said...

What fun ideas! I bet your kids had a blast (and I bet you had fun watching, too!)

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Deborah Raymond said...

May parents never hid eggs, they hid the Easter packages (instead of baskets). My father just loved watching the kids search and search and search for hours to find them. As children, not so much. They were always his too hard for our ages.

Some of the most difficult hiding places-

*Wrapped in plastic and placed down in a huge bin of flour.
*wrapped up and tapped to the inside of the toilet tank lid. EW!
*Outside in the locked trunk of my father's car.

Unknown said...

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