Saturday, October 3, 2009

Simple and Quick Halloween Ideas


Here are a few quick, simple, and easy things that I have already done this year for Halloween. The first thing is decorations! These were dollar store styr0-foam decorations that were all black. You couldn’t see the designs in it. So I painted white and grey over all of the design parts. Some parts I wanted to stick out more then others so those I went brighter on the paint. Then I wanted more bling to it. So I covered the skeleton heads and some of the scrollwork in cheap-o silver glitter! Now I love these! Lots of bang for my 3 bucks!halloween potpourri

Now let’s work on ambiance. For me this is totally the scent! During the autumn season I always have a pot simmering, or candles on a hot plate. My favorite is to throw orange peels (we eat lots of oranges so this is easy), cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves into a pot of water. I just turn it on and off through out the day for an awesome autumn smell!candy corn cups 2

These were those cheap-o (do you sense a theme here?) plant pots. I painted them in candy colors. We use them for lots of things. We’ve done the bowling thing with them stacked up, I’ve lined them on a counter and filled them with Halloween snacks, you could fill them and give them to friends or teachers, etc.

candy corn cups 1

To Die For Rice Krispies! I am not kidding. Unless you’ve had these before, you’ve never really had a GREAT rice krispy treat. The secret? Why yes, I will share it with you. It’s caramel. When you make these you will first melt down caramel squares and add about 1-2 TBL of water. Then, melt your marshmallows and all continue with the normal recipe. I know there is a specific number of caramels to add, because I always remember unwrapping those with my Mom as she counted how many we put in. However, I’m more of a more is more girl…oh, wait, really Anjeanette is, but in this case I am too! So, I add as many caramels as don’t get eaten out of a bag of caramels. You will thank me for this recipe. Your thighs wont, but you will!candy corn rice krispy squares 2

Staying with the candy corn theme (which I love the look of!), I make candy corn rice krispy squares. Just shape them into triangle-ish shapes. Then, I color white chocolate yellow and orange. I just drizzle the chocolate across the sections. candy corn rice krispy squares 1

Easy peasy, right?!

orange jackolantern 1

Jack-O-Lantern anything is so cute! I’ve done this with all the mellons as well!orange jackolantern 2

You can fill them with anything. This time I made a fruit cocktail for them, as they were an after school snack for my kids (so I wanted it to be healthy). But I’ve also done ice cream and jello jiggler squares…OK, once I did pudding thinking that after it set up really well it would stay…it doesn’t. But the kids enjoyed watching it coming out of the face jackolantern 3 skeleton hands 1

Skeleton Hands

Trace the kids’ hands on black paper. Use scooby doo snacks (make sure they understand they can not eat this craft while they are doing it) and dip them in paint. Then, print the bone shape onto their hands to fill up the skeleton of their hands. I do always save scooby doo snacks for them to eat after they are done with this craft and their hands are washed off. By the way, notice the adorable fingers in the above picture…apparently washable markers don’t always wash off very well. ;)

skeleton hands 2 IMG_5214

Don’t forget the TV crew to film your holiday fun! I kid you not. My sisters were over having crafting fun with the kids on the first day of October. We got a little scared when they were filming law enforcement jumping out of cars, and they had bullet proof vests on! Thankfully it was no big deal. Boy I would have been surprised if my neighbors were drug dealers or something!


While we all do enjoy some time consuming and more difficult holiday projects and parties, there are also so many more things that you can do that are quick and easy. I hope this inspires everyone to try some of these fun things!



Crafty Mom said...

I always love your simple, yet so creative ideas!!!You girls are just so awesome! Thanks for sharing! I always love budget friendly ideas, too!

Christie said...

Thank you so much for all the inspiration! I LOVE the dollar store crafts and the cute little skeleton handprints. Right now my son loves the "bones" look. I think I also want to try out the orange peels and cloves...that sounds like a wonderful autumn smell! Of course the rice krispy treat sounds de-licious! Thanks for sharing. =)

Good Life 2 Go said...

I will steal your orange idea. Thank you.

Michie said...

How do you get the oranges out of their skins with the skins in tact like that? I think this would be a fun thing to surprise my daughter with - but I picture myself making a big orange juice mess!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Cute ideas; you really like Halloween dontcha! ;-)

RootsAndWingsCo said...

You bet we LOVE Halloween! We also really LOVE Christmas... ;) Really any reason to do fun themed crafts.

As always, I love the ideas you come up with using every day objects!


amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Love those potting cups and skeleton hand prints! Lots of great ideas! Thanks!

kw said...

You should add your super fab ideas to the Handmade Halloween Blog Carnival:

Off to make some skeleton handprints!

Noreen said...

Lots of fun and easy ideas for Halloween! Thanks for sharing.

Centers and Circle Time said...

What adorable ideas! I can't wait to share with my class! I look forward to visiting you blog again and again! Great Work:)

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Jony said...

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