Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Easter Eggs For Egg Hunt-Tutorials!

easter egg hunt xeaster egg hunt w

I had so much fun coming up with some new ways of “hiding” eggs for my family’s Easter Egg Hunt this year.  I thought I’d share with you, how to do them.  These Dangling Eggs were so darling!  It was a little windy and so they lightly fluttered in the wind.  All the pretty ribbon bows along the top were fun too!



Easter scrapbook paper


ribbon (mine all differed but were around 24 inches)

Plastic egg that opens length-wise

Double sided tape

easter eggs c1.  Print each child’s name onto a piece of cute Easter scrapbook paper (remember to think about what direction the paper should be looked at, when you print your names).  I also printed the names upside down, as above.  Cut out an up and down flag shape around the names.

2.  Fold your flag shape in half to make a crease.

easter eggs i3.  Cut two slits in the center of your flag shape. 

easter eggs fThe two slits need to be  about 1/2 an inch apart (mine were closer to 1/4 of an inch apart), centered on either side of the fold line.  You can see my slits on the open white flag shape, above.

easter eggs h4.  Thread your ribbon through your flag.  You go in on the printed side, then back through, as seen above.

easter eggs eThis also shows you how the ribbon gets threaded through the flag shape correctly.easter eggs j5.  Fold your flag shape back in half and pull your ribbon through (carefully so that you don’t rip the paper) until the ends are equal.  This leaves your ribbon centered.

6.  Use double sided tape to tape the flag together.

easter eggs k7.  Hold your two ends of ribbon together and place over the opening of one half of your plastic egg (make sure to fill the egg with something first) from top to bottom.  Remember to make sure you are using eggs that open top to bottom or it will look funny.

easter eggs l8.  Put the other half of the egg on and click it together.  I had no problem closing any of my eggs, even with the ribbon at the top and bottom.  I liked the placement of the egg to have at least 1/2 an inch of ribbon between the egg and the flag.  It had more dangle movement to it this way. 

easter eggs m9.  Tie around something to hang it up.  Make a pretty bow at the top! Winking smile





easter egg hunt geaster egg hunt f



Easter scrapbook paper


Colored popsicle sticks

Large size plastic easter eggs

Hot glue gun (and Hot glue)

Double sided sticky tape

Drill with small bit

IMG_00261.  Drill a slit along the top of your egg.  This should be the size of your popsicle stick. (So hard getting a good picture of this by myself! Winking smile)easter eggs n2.  Push the popsicle stick into the slit you just drilled.easter eggs o3.  Hot glue the stick to the egg on the inside of the egg.  I actually super glued my sticks on the outside and inside (and my counter top and fingers…I always do when I use super glue…).  However, I think hot gluing on the inside might be a better way to go.easter eggs p4.  Fill your egg with larger filler.

easter eggs b5.  Print child’s name on Easter scrapbook paper.  I like having a name on the back side as well so I printed the names up twice, side by side with about 1/2-1 inch in between the names.

6.  Cut out a side-ways flag shape around the names. 

7.  Fold flag shape in half to make a crease.

easter eggs q8.  Put double sided tape on the inside of the flag.  Make sure to place tape right along the crease (on both sides) because this will be what the popsicle stick attaches to.

easter eggs r9.  Place the top of the popsicle stick part way into the flag.  I wanted my flags to stick up higher so I did not want the popsicle stick placed all the way to the top of the flag (as shown in the above picture).

easter eggs s10.  Fold the flag closed, around the popsicle stick.

IMG_0296Finished Burried Egg!

To use this kind of egg you will dig a hole just big enough to place the egg in.  Then, you lightly cover the egg with the dirt.

easter egg hunt aaeaster egg hunt ab

This makes it super easy for children to just pull their egg up by the flag!


I would love to see what you guys do for your Easter Egg Hunts!!  I need knew ideas for next year’s hunt!! Winking smile



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Carolyn said...

This looks so much fun! You are very creative.

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Anne-Marie said...

What fun ideas! I bet your kids had a blast (and I bet you had fun watching, too!)

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Fun ideas!!

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