Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fool’s Day Breakfast

april fools day bacon and sunnyside up egg c

I LOVE April Fool’s Day! 

Laughter is good for the soul~

april fools day bacon and sunnyside up egg

My sister made these last year.

This is what I will be making for breakfast.

Bacon and Eggs OverEasy!  Yum!

april fools day bacon and sunnyside up egg a

Bacon-Caramel and Tootsie Roll

OverEasy Eggs-White chocolate and an M&M

What are your plans for April Fool’s Day?  I’m still figuring out the rest of our day.



Panya said...

I have those same saucers! I also have matching dinner plates, butter plates, and teacups. It's not a complete set, since I got them at a thrift store when my husband and I were first engaged and setting up house together. I just fell in love with the "Old Town Blue Onion" pattern -- it reminded me of my grandmother's heirloom German china.

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