Monday, June 29, 2009

Fourth of July Ice Cream

For last week's Tuesdays with Dorie we made peach ice cream. Neither Anjeanette nor I had ever made ice cream before and it was quite the adventure. We didn't have an ice cream maker (though I've been asking for one for ages!) and so we followed David Lebovitz's guide to making ice cream without the maker and it turned out FANTASTIC!

We then decided to make blueberry, strawberry and vanilla ice cream for our Fourth of July carnival (so we would have red, white, and blue). We were going to make mint ice cream as well but someone around here really likes to eat the peppermint candies and there wasn't any left over for the ice cream...but I'm sure the mint ice cream would be delicious as well if you can get your candies to last that long. We had made up a big batch of the ice cream custard, and then we simply added it to our fruit flavorings.
My husband was initially concerned about the texture that homemade ice cream would produce, but once he tried some his worries were dispelled. The secret to making great ice cream without the maker is to stir the custard mixture occasionally while freezing and we discovered that using an immersion blender to do this works the best.


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Gwen said...

all I can say is YUM!

Unknown said...

Looks yummy!

Lorie said...

Yum! I *heart* the 4th of July!

Amanda said...

That looks so good!

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

That looks great, I love how clearly you can see the three colors and you got great shades. We made blue ice cream but are still getting used to use the food coloring. Ours ended up bright and I mean BRIGHT blue! Our attempts at pink resulted in pepto pink.