Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tags and Prizes for 4th Of July Carnival

Since we were having so many fun carnival games we knew we had to make up a cute prize station. We each brought some small prizes and filled up glass jars with them. We then tagged them all so that you would know what was in each jar. The kids had so much fun filling up their bags with all of the fun prizes.
To make the tags for the prizes I cut out fun designs from a 4th of July printed paper. Then, I cut out those same designs, only smaller and on white paper. I then ran the white designs through my xyron machine to turn them into stickers.
I just matched the smaller designs with the bigger designs.
Next, I cut a slit on the top and bottom of the tag (just outside of where the white design is). This will be for the ribbon to slide through.
I cut some ribbon long enough to go around the mouth of the jar, through the tag, and have some left to dangle a bit from the bottom. I wove the ribbon through the tag, with the ribbon going behind the tag so it wont cover the words on the front of the tag.
Then, you put your loop around the mouth of your jar, and your tag is ready to be labeled.
This section was our old-fashioned prizes. Candy lipstick, button candy, marbles, and candy sticks (we grew up with them being those candy cigarettes, they've brought them back but just as candy sticks with cute packaging, which is the only way would would want to pass those on!). Other prizes were dinosaurs, necklaces, bouncy balls, wet balls, 4th of July toys, party blowers, medals, army guys and lots more. We shot for each of us to bring one jar full, but we all went overboard (especially Nana!). I alternated the ribbons, red then blue.
I could not believe when I found this dot candy! I so used to LOVE this candy. My kids really enjoyed it as well.



Syndi said...

I just found your site a few days ago and I love your creative ideas! Thank you so much for sharing.

Mama King said...

I love my Xyron machine too! I often forget about it. This is a great project! Your label shapes are so cool!

By the looks of all your 4th preparations - should be an amazing and memorable day for everyone! Happy 4th!

Unknown said...