Friday, June 26, 2009

Fourth Of July Balloon Dart Game

I started out with a white foam board that I already had. You can get white foam board at your hardware stores. You could also use a cork board or something similar.
I cut out a template of a star. You are going to use the relief, or outside, of the template. Because the board is already white, I spray painted the stars red and blue. I had a separate template for each color. I figured out a pattern in my head and went with it.

Notice on my board that I have color on more than just the stars. I didn't want a stark board and wanted more color on it. So, when I sprayed the stars I held the paint can farther back so that there was overspray on the rest of the board. I really like how it turned out!
I used water balloons for this game. I blew up just the red and blue ones. Then, I had wanted to use cute thumb tacks that I spray painted for this. However, we found it is best to just tape the balloons up! The tape worked like a charm!
Just add your darts and you are done! Because I'm using real darts, and they are sharp, we will be making sure there will be adult supervision with the darts at all times! I don't want someone getting hurt from this game!



Mama King said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

What cute ideas for the Fourth of July!!

{leah} said...

Lots of cute ideas on here.

I'll be back!!

Crafty Mom said...

Super cute and fun! Great idea! Also wanted to add that I buy my white foam board at The Dollar Tree guessed it, a DOLLAR!!!!

Kawtar said...

you make it look so simple that is great !

Tiffany said...

awesome. i luv the use of color.