Friday, June 26, 2009

Bean Bag Toss Game for Fourth of July Carnival

You can't have a carnival without a bean bag toss game! Here's mine.

First, you will need to make some cute star-shaped beanbags, complete with embroidered patriotic words in red, white, and blue of course!

A tip here on making star shaped bean bags; leave the tip open to fill the bag. I first tried by leaving a side open and that was much harder to sew up the hole after the beans were in it. But by leaving the tip open, you can just smoosh all the beans to the rest of the star and sew up the hole easily! My sisters and I made some MakeAMixes and I was lucky enough to keep the rest of the beans that we didn't use. So, I always have whatever size of beans I need, for my bean bags. For this one the smaller beans worked perfectly.

My finished bean bags.

Now onto making the part you toss the beanbags into. I took a box that I had on hand (everything I used was from things I had on hand).

I used a circle cutter on the inside of the box to cut out 3 holes. I set it to the largest size of hole that it could make.

I wanted a red and white striped game. So, I pulled out my red wrapping paper (that is white on the underside). I covered the whole top and sides of the box in the red wrapping paper and used spray adhesive to tack it down securely.

I then cut strips of the wrapping paper and sprayed the adhesive on the red side. Then, I layed the strips out somewhat equally to give nice red and white stripes.

Next, turn your box over to cut the circles out of the wrapping paper. I made cuts into the center of the circle, with a razor blade.

I cut it like you would a pie, into 8 wedges. Notice the rain drops? They eventually ran me off our lawn to finish this project or you would get better lighting and nice grass as the background for these photos. Let's just hope this rain falls today and is out of here for the weekend (when our carnival is planned)!

I finished up under my patio. I sprayed the same spray adhesive on my inside wedges of wrapping paper, and just folded them back. I like the look this gave when it was all finished.

Now stand back, toss the bean bags in and enjoy!



The Queen of Clearance said...

such a cute idea!

charlesdowney said...

Such a great idea i will try that next year, me I spent 4th of July by seating on bean bag chair while relive a piece in history - listen to Ben Franklin explain how the Declaration of Independence was created.

Megan said...

It might be interesting to make the decorative part of the box out of vinyl and leave the pie triangles loose, for a slightly different look and more water resistance.