Wednesday, January 21, 2009

With Valentine's Day On My Mind

If you are Mormon you probably already know this site. I have to let you know that the gal that does this site is my friend. I grew up with her in Utah. She always was the crafty and creative person that would lead you to put up a site like this. Anyway, shoot on over to Sugardoodle and see what they have for Valentine's Day.

Just like the Boo thing for Halloween, they have a . Cupid and a poem

I was totally going to mention the Heart Attack. We did that every year. But we just took a ton of different size hearts and wrote cute lovey things on them and posted them all over the garage and a big heart on the front door that said "You've been given a Heart Attack".

I also like to cover my husband's car windows (never the paint) with hearts and a Heart Attack note and even all over his car seat. I also leave a Valentine or some candy on his seat too. I think this year I may have to let the kids help Heart Attack their daddy..

When we were kids, my dad always got a huge heart shape box of candy. He would sneak out the side door and run around the house to the front door. He would leave the candy, ring and run and come in the side door as we all ran to the door to see who it was. I loved that! We could never figure out who it was leaving candy for Mom;)

We also liked to ring and run Valentine's to our friends. I plan to do this with my kids again this year. There is something so fun about sneaking out in the dark of night, leaving some special treat on the doorstep, ringing the bell and running as fast as your little feet can go. It is sometimes more fun to get caught;)

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