Tuesday, October 11, 2011

String quilt and hex log cabin pillows {spinning some webs for Halloween}

4 log cabin hexagon spiderweb

I wanted to make some spider web throw pillows for my couch. When we moved, we purged a lot of things that now I’m wondering why we purged them. We had a 9 foot Christmas tree that never made it off the moving truck. Of course we didn’t figure it out until Christmas last year. I fear that some of our decorations didn’t make it to our new house either. All of our holiday decorations are quite …uhm lacking.

I had a lovely idea to make a string quilt block into a spider’s web. I made wider white strips and teeny colored strips.

1 string quilting 

The strips ended up being 1/4 of an inch. If you can imagine, when you put them together, there was quite a bit of bulk. I pressed them every way I could and still it just seemed a little bulky to me. My kids loved it though. I added a button spider to the web. Of course, those same sweet kids that love it, also told me that my or “Spee-I-der” is missing two legs.


2 string spiderweb quilting

I fussy cut another spider out and hung it on the back. The kids approved of that guy.

3 back of string spiderweb pillow

Since my first one was a bit too bulky to make me want to make another one just the same way, I decided to fussy cut the center spider in a hexagon shape. Then I did a kind of Log Cabin pattern.

4 log cabin hexagon spiderweb 

I love the way this one came out!

5 finished web

Together, they are quite the pair!6 finished both pillows

How are you decorating for Halloween?




Timmarie said...

So cute, Anj!!!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Um...are you making some for your sisters as a surprise? ;)

Those are so cute and gorgeous!!

Great job, Anjeanette!!!


Belinda | Myurbey said...

sweet and halloween attact :)
nice to meet you, im Belinda from Myurbey (Indonesia)

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and Audrey... said...

Oh my! I love those! I am totally going to copy cat you and make me some of those!


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