Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My exciting news…and a Giveaway!

     I have amazing news!  I’ll get to that in a minute but how was that for a nice long summer break from me?  SmileI had a wonderful summer with my kids.  It was great to spend some down time with them before school kicked into high gear again!  And WOW has it kicked into high gear!!  My awesome news is that I have started Student Teaching!  I know that Anjeanette already spilled the beans for me on this one, but I’m so excited about it that I wanted to tell you all about it!  It has always been a dream of mine to be a teacher.  When I became a Mom, I put that dream on hold to be a stay-at-home Mom (which was my number one dream).  I have loved every minute of being home with my kids.  While I have been busy raising my kids, I have also been busy going to school to be a teacher.  There is finally a light at the end of my tunnel.  I am Student Teaching Kindergarten and could not be happier about it!!  Seriously, I have a grin on my face ALL DAY LONG!!  I already have so many stories I could tell you about the amazing kids in my class!  I just adore them all!
     As you can imagine, this is a HUGE change in my life.  I have run a daycare out of my home for the last 10 years, but that is from the comfort of my home, with myself as my boss.  Now I am venturing out into the outside world and it is exciting, intimidating, and overwhelming all at the same time.  I have never had to worry about getting myself and my kids ready for school every day.  For now I am loving that I’ve had to step up my dress attire.  I do have a love of shoes, and to have HAD to buy new ones for work has been quite fun.  I was lucky enough to have an amazing BFF who has given me a work wardrobe (seriously amazing, right?).  To complete the polished look that is now required of this new step in my life, I was lucky enough to get to review COVERGIRL LashPerfection Mascara.  This could not have come at a better time for me, could it?  As a stay-at-home Mom, and in-home day care provider, I mostly went with the au natural look, and hair pulled up into a ponytail.  It’s a scary thing going into any field right now.  So, I need every advantage that I can get as I’m stepping into a new career.  I think that looking and feeling my best will certainly help me as I am interviewing for my first teaching job soon, and even right now as I am trying to make a great impression during my Student Teaching.
    COVERGIRL LashPerfection Mascara works great.  I went with black because I have really dark (and full) eyebrows so my eyelashes really need to step up to be seen against my eyebrows! HA!  It goes on great, with no clumping (which is a pet-peeve of mine!).  I’m so glad I got to try out this product right now, when it was the perfect time for me!  While we’re on the subject of make-up and looking great, you might want to check out the “Looking Your Best” posts in the Life Well Lived section of BlogHer.com.  There are some great application tips and ideas for switching up your look for fall! 

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Catherine said...

My mother helped me pick out some great makeup for my first middle school dance. I still remember how grown up it made me feel.

Ashley Williams said...

I always feel more confident when I have something on my lips. Not just lipgloss, but having a color on my lips just makes me feel so grown up and confident!

Unknown said...

Congrats on being able to follow your dream. As a former K teacher - there are many things about teaching that I fell in love with. The kids are just amazing!!! Best of luck =)

And Re the make-up. I never wear make-up on a daily basis, but love the way it makes me feel on those interview days!

Nicole said...

I don't know if I've ever used makeup to add confidence (power from within ladies!), but I do love having long,dark sexy lashes to flash "the look" at my super cute hubs!

Robyn said...

I only wear mascara regularly, and tend to only wear it if I'm around people who I don't usually see. So if there is a meeting at work, I'll throw on some mascara before hand, and I feel 10 times better than if I didn't have it.

Thanks for the giveaway. robyn(dot)geddes(at)gmail(dot)com

Karina said...

a new make up routine helps me get through the times when i hate my hair

karinaroselee at gmail dot com

Karina said...

a new make up routine helps me get through the times when i hate my hair

karianroselee at gmail dot com

Sallinger said...

Yay for you, and your new adventure! I am currently staying at home, doing daycare (and homeschooling). Some days I do dream about getting "out" again and using my degree. Most days I love where I am tho :) I wear a very basic makeup every day, can't even remember the last time I did more than mascara!

Jessica said...

One time that really stands out to me as a boost for makeup is when I went to my first job interview (for a teaching position!)...being put together really helped calm my jitters.

Mami2jcn said...

Makeup gave me confidence when I was first dating my husband 16 years ago.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

AubreyLaine said...

When I went for a job interview! I always feel more confident with lip gloss!
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

erika said...

If I wear nothing else on my face, I try to wear mascara. It makes me look awake and polished!

susan1215 said...

Makeup gave me confidence when I went to prom with a boy I had a crush on all year.

s2s2 at comcast dot net

susan1215 said...


s2s2 at comcast dot net

Amy said...

I’m not a make up person and usually don’t wear any or have very light make ups on. When I attend my husband’s company dinner, I wanted to look my best for him and I put full make up on and I sure felt great and more confidence meeting his colleges for the first time. We both had a wonderful evening at the event.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

Kelly Massman said...

I rarely wear makeup. I wear it for occasions like job interviewing when it can really boost my confidence!

thanks also for a chance to win!

Katelynn said...

Blogged! http://www.beautyblogish.com/2011/10/giveaways-galore.html


Katelynn said...

Makeup gives me confidence every day!


JC said...

Makeup gave me extra confidence in my wedding day!
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

JC said...


StephanieC said...

makeup gave me the confidence for my last job interview! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

StephanieC said...

http://twitter.com/#!/DesMoinesDealin/status/124301845224108033 scg00387 at yahoo dot com

Tina said...

my wedding day

Tina said...


LAMusing said...

I rarely wear make-up, but when I have a meeting it gives me an extra boost

Janice said...

Makeup gave me confidence when I worked in the office and also on my wedding day

Janice said...


Suburban prep said...

I recently went o my high school reunion. It certainly helped me to enjoy the evening more because I was wearing makeup.

Nancy said...

I think when going on job interviews it gives me added confidence and a more professional look.

Nancy said...

Tweet: http://twitter.com/njhhb/statuses/128856367342690304

Melanie said...

make up gave me confidence on my wedding day!

melduke26 at gmail dot com

Teresa Warner said...

Just a few months ago my husband, who is in the military, and I FINALLY got to go out on a date night. I know to most that doesn't sound like much but we have 7 kids, I run my own business from home and my husband travels all the time for his job. For us, this was quite an event. I got all dolled up and for the first time in a long time felt like a million bucks!

Teresa Warner said...


One nutty wife said...

make up allways cheers me up when I'm down


One nutty wife said...




slehan said...

Makeup gives me confidence when I sing in public.
Thanks for the contest.

slehan said...

blogged: http://slehan.blogspot.com/2011/10/win-50-gc-to-drugstorecom-from-blogher.html

Kerry said...

My friend did my wedding day make-up and it made me feel extra beautiful!

Kerry said...

tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/KerryBishop/status/130406833285365760

Kerry said...

tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/KerryBishop/status/130406833285365760

abitnerdy said...

Love the post! So inspiring! Make up gave me the confidence to give one kick-butt speech during my best friends wedding. Just know I look good makes me feel good and it just snowballs from there. :)

cheers & thank you for the opportunity! ;)
abitnerdygirl at gmail dot com

Deb said...

I remember getting my makeup done professionally for prom and feeling like a princess!

Leann said...

I don't wear a lot of makeup.. But , like right now I have on mascara and a bit of powder. That gets me through the day! chefl@swbell.net

Amy Anderson said...

I shy away from a lot of makeup, especially lipstick, but on my wedding day when I was made up to the nines, including lots of lipstick, I never felt more beautiful or confident.

Amy @ A Little Nosh

speck135les said...

i got a job interview and went on it wearing covergirl mascara i didnt get the job but im on their list for call back

angie lilly said...

I had my makeup professionally done for my wedding and it helped make my day brighter and, since I cried all the way down the isle, I am glad they used waterproof makeup! LOL I knew I would cry a lot during the wedding, so that was one less thing to worry about!
14earth at gmail dot com

angie lilly said...

I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/FotoMacro/status/131799754505060352
14earth at gmail dot com

Cori Westphal said...

Makeup has gotten me through every job interview I've ever had! There is something about knowing you look good on the outside, that makes you feel good and confident on the inside!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

Cori Westphal said...

Tweet: http://twitter.com/coriwestphal/statuses/131913998215036928

coriwestphal at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I don't use makeup much for confidence - it's more to dress things up when going out.

ewhatley said...

I wear makeup everyday and it always makes me feel polished, confident and pulled together.

mybeachylife at gmail dot com

One nutty wife said...

on my first date make-up gave me the confident I needed


One nutty wife said...

blog about the giveaway



Unknown said...

That time was in my school days many many years ago.

gmissycat at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Tweeted too


gmissycat at yahoo dot com

swedEnesefamily said...

After returning to the country from one year in Europe, I had to look for a job. I hadn't worn make up while overseas but I decided to put on my professional face and head with confidence into those job interviews. I was lucky enough to find a temporary placement that lead to a permanent job in my field.

swedenesefamily at gmail dot com

swedEnesefamily said...


swedenesefamily at gmail dot com

Angel Jacklyn said...

I just recalled my senior photos. I went to a makeup artist that day, & am 10 years later trying to perfect the look!


Angel Jacklyn said...

2nd entry tweet @ http://twitter.com/#!/kytah00/status/132514839150084096

saavylistener said...

I use makeup on a daily basis but just light to cover the bags under my eyes and such.

Though on those nerve-wracking first dates I wear more makeup to feel confident as my more sexy self !

untaintedbeauty at gmail dot com

saavylistener said...

tweeted about your lovely post:

untaintedbeauty at gmail dot com

Mari said...

Makeup gave me confidence when I met my inlaws for the first time.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com

Loralynn said...

I call putting on my make up "putting on my war paint." I never go out without mascara and lip stick. It always makes me feel more confident!

Loralynn said...

lol...it might be nice if I payed attention to dates on posts! Sorry about that!

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