Monday, April 11, 2011

Rock and Roll Home Décor-Vinyl Record Guitar Holder

vinyl record guitar holder music room f
We LOVE music in my house!  My Grandpa was a musician, and so a love of music is not just a prerequisite to being a member of this family, but it’s in our blood!  In fact, if you know me you know that I ALWAYS have a song playing in my head.  It’s just how I roll!

So I’ve decided to make a music wall surrounding my entertainment center.  It will kill 2 birds with one stone.  #1 is that it clears the clutter from all of our instruments (from Rock Band and Paper Jamz) being on the floor.  #2 is the decorative side of things.  I think my house is already Rockin’ the look!
vinyl record guitar holder music room b
My first dilemma was how to hang up the guitars on the wall.  I just happened to score a stack of vinyl records at a garage sale for 25 cents for the whole stack!  Oh Yeah!   So, I just melted a record to fit around the guitar head.

If you do this at home here are the basics; 
-You can get your vinyl records soft and pliable by heating them in the oven between 100 and 200 degrees on a cookie sheet.
-What I found is that if you let them go too long, they actually curl up and are hard (though you can just reheat again). 
-You just need to keep checking on them and figure out the perfect moment when they are just pliable. 
-I was able to work with my records straight out of the oven.  They were not hot for me at all (I was using about 150 degrees).
-The records also harden back up really quickly.  When this happens before you are done, just put them back in the oven. 
-For my oven my perfect timing was around 3 minutes for the the perfect softness.
-I would take my records out of the oven and immediately start molding the record around the guitar head. 
-Sometimes it would take 2-3 times to be able to get the exact shape that I wanted (because of the vinyl going back hard so quickly).
-You can see in the above picture how I would pinch the two sides in around the neck and head of the guitar.
-For me, I wanted the song names on the records to be upright when the guitar was not hung up.  So just pay attention to where you are forming the record, if this is important to you too. 
-I also paid attention to what the songs were.  Records are two sided, so I picked my favorite songs to be the ones being seen.  One song was, “We are family.”  Versus one record had a ripped label so I definitely wanted that side towards the wall.
vinyl record guitar holder music room i
Hang the record on the wall.  I used heavy duty double sided tape as well as nailed them up.  I wanted strength as well as stability!
vinyl record guitar holder music room h
Hang the guitar on the record.  Notice my guitar head has a little bit of space in the record holder.  This is because my kids will be taking the guitar off of the wall so it needed to be easy to slide in and out.
vinyl record guitar holder music room g
Well, if one guitar is not enough, go for two!  Make sure to mold around each specific guitar as the heads are all shaped and sized a little differently.
vinyl record guitar holder music room e
Don’t forget to enjoy your music, it’s NOT just for decoration.  We seriously LOVE rocking out in our home!  We hold concerts many times a week (sometimes my kids even set up audiences and have tickets and everything!).  And yes, we do have a disco ball hanging up already!

Does anyone else have rock and roll or music themed décor?  I’d love to check yours out as I am still working on the rest of that wall! 


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Anonymous said...

We have this print up in our Guitar Hero area.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Jill Ann, that is so cute! I Love it!


Kimberly said...

Love this! Perfect for our guitars!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

If you do this, I would love to see it!!


DeeDee said...

I just love this idea for my son in law.. what size record do you use...

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I used 45s because that is what I found at the garage sale. Honestly though I think that is the perfect size for this project. Larger records might have been too big!


Mel said...

I think this is brilliant! I am going to try it out for our acoustic guitars. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

that is such a cool idea!! I love it!!

ratty said...

what an EXCELLENT idea! i think 90% of my family are musicians :)
how heavy are those guitars? has anyone ever 'melted' 2 records together for added strength? for my son's rock bass i'm thinking doubled up shaped records with a little black felt for cushioning and and . . .

Christine @ said...

Very cool and creative!!! I love it.

Eric Squires said...

Does anyone know if these are strong enough to hold up a real guitar? The last thing I want is to drop into the concrete in my basement.

Dollar Store Crafter said...

This Is Way 2 Cool !!! I Love It !!!

anke-art said...

This is great, I'll try it and send you the pics if you like :D

Unknown said...

that's awesome. a really cool gift for guitar players!

I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

doro K.

TiffianyGrace said...

My best friends husband is an amazing crafter!! He makes Guitar Fret board racks that look like art! He also does pick shaped chairs and all kinds of neat guitar stuff, but it's his racks that are just stunning! Check him out on Facebook at Guitar Fret Board Racks " his logo is The second best rack you can lay your eyes on'' lol you will love his work!