Monday, February 28, 2011

Read Across America Week-Dr. Seuss Fun!


This week is Read Across America Week.  I think it is such a fun week to celebrate.  The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday are on March 2.  Around here the school’s participate in Dr. Seuss week.  At my children’s school they have picked different activities to do each day that go along with different Dr. Seuss books.

Monday-Wear green for Green Eggs and Ham and Yertle the Turtle

Tuesday-Wear silly socks and 2 different shoes for the Foot Book and Fox in Socks

Wednesday-Carry books (Dr. Seuss) with you at all times

Thursday-Wear Red and a hat for The Cat in the Hat

Friday-Pajama Day to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book.

(We’re doing these activities at home, too!)


Here are a ton of other ideas to help you celebrate this week:

Green Eggs and Ham

Check out this post of mine to see how to make these 2 different kinds of green eggs.



Seussville is a fantastic site that can help you celebrate!  This site is a lot of fun.  It has information on Dr. Seuss, videos, games and activities, characters, news, and pages for educators and parents!  I love that you can sort through things based on activities or by book.  That way you can match the activities to the books you have!  Go here to download the 2011 NEA’s Read Across America activity booklet.


Check out PBS kids for The Cat in the Hat games, printables, videos and more.  Lots of wonderful interactive fun!


There is a super-cute blog that is called ObSeussed.  Her blog bio says “I’m ObSEUSSed with bringing children's books and characters to life through kid crafts and family fun.”  Make sure to check out the fantastic tabs across the top of her blog.  The first is Seuss Links where she has a linky party of fun Seuss ideas.  The next one is Seuss Central where she has amazing links to all things Dr. Seuss.  Then, she’s got Seuss Style which has links to decorating Dr. Seuss style.  Next up are Seuss Celebrations; which are party and treat ideas.


She just had a fantastic idea to go with the book Hop on Pop!  You will love it!


I’d love to see how everyone else celebrates Dr. Seuss this way!  Leave a link here and I’ll be sure to check them out myself and post them here!




Cascia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love celebrating Dr. Suess' Birthday.

Julia said...

I have several Dr Seuss ideas there and will be adding more everyday this week. Check it out!!!

Happy Birthday Author said...

Love your ideas. We made Oobleck. The kids loved it:

Carolyn said...

Your idea sounds like a lot of fun! My sons love Dr. Seuss!
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