Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let The Boo-ing Begin!

Boo Halloween Gift Bag
My BFF already Boo-ed us last weekend.  This was tricky to do because she lives in California, and I live in Arizona…and we were in Las Vegas.  But she’s one of those who ALWAYS is on top of these things no matter the distance, busy lives, etc!  She is amazing!  Last weekend she took me to see Garth Brooks, in Las Vegas.  (See, I told you she was amazing!).  It was my first concert ever!  And I LOVE music.  Crazy, hu!?

Anyways, she left that cute furry Halloween gift bag on the front seat of the car for me!  I can’t wait to drink that Scary Orange Hot Chocolate, from a coffin!  The ghost is soap-on-a-rope!  And then she had two Halloween spiced car fresheners for me!  How fun was that for a Boo Bag!?
Check out our post last year on Being Boo-ed.  Anjeanette Boo-ed the family with those Jack-O-Lantern baskets filled with goodies to make caramel apples!  It was soooo cute, and sweet! 
The year before that Anjeanette gave out these adorable baskets tied up with cute Halloween ribbons and filled with Halloween goodies!!  Can you tell that Anjeanette knows how to get her Boo on!?
Yesterday I did some baking for this year’s Boo-ing.  You’ll get pictures next week of those (they are going out this weekend).  There are so many fun things to do for these!  I hope everyone else joins in on the Boo-ing fun. 

I’d love to hear what others do for this, or have had done to them.  Pictures would be especially great!


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Unknown said...

Such a cute and fun Boo! I cant believe I havent boo'd anyone yet. Im going to have to get on it this weekend!

MammaDucky said...

Oh man! The caramel apple boo-bag idea is stellar! Totally using that this year. We'll be boo-ing this weekend!

Unknown said...

I'm reading your blog and I'm getting more and more into haloween thingies^^ Got so many great ideas from your awesome blog, thank you so much!
I love your blog, you got a new reader;)
Plus: Going to Boo my friends this year, they will like it^^

Anonymous said...

Ok now i really, really feel like a dinosaur! I have never heard of Boo-ing! But i think it is the best idea ever! I am so adopting this as a Halloween tradition!

And I think your BFF rocks! She is definitely a keeper!