Monday, August 23, 2010

Week of Birthdays-Indiana Jones Lego Party

Well this is our family’s week of Birthdays.  Happy Birthday to my sisters! ;)
To celebrate I thought I would recap some of our Birthday Party posts!  So check back each day for more Birthday Party ideas!
We’ve actually had 2 of these parties in our family!  Katrina’s Son had one and so did one of Anjeanette’s Sons.  Legos are BIG in our family.  Here are both of the amazing invitations. 
Awesome, right!?  They did these invitations up on the computer themselves.  Get friendly with your computer programs girls!  Look what can be done!?
Next up is the amazing homemade cake.  Yup, you read that right!  Katrina puts most of her time and energy into her cakes.  You too could make this! ;)    image
Now onto decorations.  Anjeanette used a calendar that she had, to make up this banner!  So, cute!image
Lots of Katrina’s decorations were later used for her games.  She had these  super cute poison dart targets.  This one is of Beloq.  They were so amazing.  They were the dart board for the blow dart game!  Go here to see more of her designs as well as directions for them.  Her blow dart game was made using pvc pipe and those nerf foam bullets.
Here is another variation to that blow dart game.  Anjeanette drew up the characters onto boxes.  The blow darts were straws with paint-tipped Q-Tips.  Find out more about theme here.
Watch out with this one, though.  The Dad’s got quite competitive with it and played many extra rounds themselves!
These were the amazing cartouches that Katrina made up for each child.  Those symbols are initials for a child in the party.  They each got one with their own symbol initials on it!  They loved them!  They are made out of shrinky dinks!

Our love for shrinky dinks continues here.  Print up black and white versions of the Lego Indiana Jones characters (you can find them online).  Then, cut up sheets of shrinky dink.  Let the kids trace and color in a character of their choosing.  Punch a hole in them and bake them all up.  Add a key ring and they have awesome key rings they made themselves!  I love activities like this at parties.
For a treat make up your marshmallow eyeballs.
If you can sew, whip up a bunch of Indiana Jones Hats.  Then, you might as well throw in those amazing homemade whips (from the first photo on this post!).  Anjeanette made all of these (and in bulk).  She came up with her own patterns for both.  The fantastic thing about the whips is that she made sure to make them so if you whip them in the air, they really make that cracking noise!  Holey cow they LOVED those whips!
Check the original posts for even more details and ideas!
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And don’t forget to keep checking back all week for more great party ideas!

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