Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine’s Activities

valentine activity 001
I am so excited about these baskets.  They are filled with craft kits to do with my kids.  My kids and I craft pretty much every day, so I know these will be a big hit with my kids.  There are more than enough kits to keep us busy every day this month!    I am going to share with you a sampling of the kits that are in my baskets.valentine activity 6
Most of the kits I put together, using things that I already have.  Here I separated out Perler Beads in Valentine’s colors.  I also included the star board and an example of how it can turn into a heart.
TIP:  I love those little containers.  I use them ALL the time.  I buy them from the party store, in their catering goods section.
valentine activity 7
Another of my kits is for making Valentine Cards for other people.  I cut out scalloped hearts of all sizes, in pink, red, and white.  I am so excited for them to use these doilies, too.  I also have beads and ribbons that they can use but there are too many to fit in the kits.  Those are readily accessible at all times.
valentine activity 8
Here is one craft my kids have already done.  These Valentines are out of those awesome foam hearts.  I love how sweet these are.  We are mailing these to all of my Children’s Great Grandmas!
valentine activity 5
Another craft that my kids have already done is this bottle cap craft.  On the backside these are pins or magnets.  I so love them.
valentine activity 4
I have pictures ready to be put in these cute heart frames.
valentine activity 1
Another route that I went with these kits is premade kits from Oriental Trading.  Sometimes you just cannot beat what Oriental Trading has to offer!
 valentine activity 2
I am especially excited about these boxes because we will be making a lot of goodies and these boxes will be perfect to give them out in! valentine activity 3
One last kit from my baskets.  I have a ton more kits that I made up (like I said, there are enough for the whole month!).  Some other kits are crochet hearts, sewing embroidered heart bean bags, tissue paper hearts, wax paper and crayon hearts, coloring pages, canvases to paint, bugs made out of hearts (caterpillars, bees, butterflies, etc), and more.
I am enjoying doing these things with my kids already.  One reason I am trying the basket full of kits version this year is that the kids can look through them and decide what they want to do each day.  Some days my kids are more in the mood to paint, then to sew.  So this will hopefully add to the fun factor. 



Anonymous said...

Very Cute! Thats a great idea. You and your children are going to be very busy.

CitricSugar said...

Oh, I love this idea. The Be Mine boxes are adorable, too. As a kid, getting a basket of crafty things would have been the best treat ever.

Kitschalicious said...

I just found your site and I absolutely LOVE it! I love this basket idea and may have to do this with my daughter. (My son on the other hand is a lost cause when it comes to crafting! LOL!) Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas!


Liz said...

Congrats! You have been awarded the Sunshine Award! You can pick it up at my blog here http://thefloweringdogwood.blogspot.com/

LollyChops said...

Please let me know when you are ready to adopt another kiddo.

I am putting my name into the hat for consideration.

Crafts every day sounds like FUN!

...and those baskets are just about the coolest things ever!

pjw3362004 said...

I love the hands. How did you make them? They are so cute

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Just 'found' your blog! Great ideas and beautiful pictures!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

What fun baskets. I love all of those activities. My daughter is obsessed with making pop bottle top jewelry. So cute!

Thanks for linking this up!


Foodie Mom said...

Oh man!! I wish I had seen this idea a couple of weeks ago!!! Now, I may just have to work on one for, say, Spring or Easter or......Oh, the ideas! Thanks for the idea.

Abbie said...

What did you use in the bottle caps to hold the little beads in? Thanks!