Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to my house-Valentine’s Decorating

decoration sign
I know that not everyone loves decorating for Valentine’s Day.  However, I am my Mother’s Daughter and so I decorate for EVERY holiday (and then some)!  And I thank her for passing the fun onto me!  The above is what you see when you enter my home.  I made the hearts years ago.  I’m now thinking they need some glitter!  I change out the dangly part (this month it’s those hearts) every month.
decoration heart candy
Ok, this one is a weird one.  But I love my “hands”.  They are concrete copies of my daughters’ hands.  You can even see their sweet fingerprints!  I know they are kind of creepy, but I just LOVE them.  It was my oldest daughter’s idea to be holding a cup when she did it, so that the concrete version could hold treats in a cup!  Pretty smart if you ask me!  The lantern I did just because I pretty much filled up any container I can, with themed candies.
   decoration hearts
Remember my heart boxes?  Here is a variation of those.  I took one paper towel tube, covered it with paper and then just cut 1/2 inch (or less) pieces off.  It made a TON of small hearts!
 decoration hearts 1
See them all?  I swear that pile is from one toilet paper towel tube.
 decoration hearts 2
I have them dangling from fishing line, over my dining room table.  They look sooo neat, I wish you could see them in person!
  decoration hearts 3
You don’t even see the line (in the real world, unlike here in pictures) when you are looking at them.  My kids were impressed with this one.
decoration cookie cutters
A quick and easy addition to a window in my kitchen was my cookie cutters and pretty heart ribbon.
Do you get the theme of my decorating?  I like quick and easy.  I also don’t like storing lots of big or heavy stuff.  My favorite decorations, though are the ones my kids make from school (and what we make at home).  Those creations have become the bulk of my decorating now that I have 3 kids in school!
decoration swak 3
I made those lips and SWAK letters out of cereal boxes and glitter!  Can you tell I love glitter?    Again, you should see those letters in real life, totally covered in glitter.  Swoon.decoration swak 2
Sorry for the quality of pictures on these ones folks.  I was fighting with windows in all the wrong places for good lighting.  And, Anjeanette is out of town this week so she can't save my photography skills!  So, thanks for bearing with me on those photos.  But they still gave you the idea…I hope! ;)
I do have tons of other fun Valentines decorations but these are some of the ones I made.   I have been enjoying getting a sneak peak into other people’s Valentines crafts and so I thought I’d do up one post for my decoration crafts for Valentine’s Day!

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Kitschalicious said...

I love your projects! What a neat way to use the hands! I also love the SWAK! Amazing!

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Great ideas! I love the paper towel roll hearts! Very cute!

So Sunny Day said...

LOVE your awesome ideas. you aer one creative gal!!!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

ezeldabeth said...

i love love love the paper towel roll hearts...i just hope i can remember it for next year!