Friday, April 10, 2009

One Pattern Three Ways-Easter Egg Holder

The other girls at Roots and Wings Co (RWC) and I are continuing our One Pattern Three Ways. We did this last week with a tulip pattern. We all start with the same pattern. Then, we each take a spin at creating the project, using whatever mediums we choose. This will be a fun way to give you guys original templates for your own use and a couple of different ways of executing it. It will give us a chance to let our creative juices fly! We hope to do this more regularly since it was so much fun for us to put together. We will be adding our pictures to our flickr group and can't wait to see your take on our templates. This week I came up with an Easter Egg Holder.

Check the sizing on this to make sure that it will fit around your egg. You can just increase your percentage in your print screen to make it bigger. It's a very basic template. I like that it has the slot and tab so that there is no need for glue or tape.
I loved making these out of paper. For the one on the top of this post, I just cut extra flower heads out of different colors and then sandwiched them around the green tulip heads. I also personalized each one of these by cutting out each member in my family's names, in the bottom part of the egg holder. I always have a tablescape set up to surprise my kids on each holiday. Each person will have their personalized Easter Egg Holder with either the favorite egg that they colored or a treat filled plastic egg inside of the Egg Holder.
For the next ones I actually had the same template that I had added stems and tulips to, and just attached those fun flower embellishments with brad flower centers. This was so quick and easy and I really like how these ones turned out.

I love these glittery flowers! I know that my girls will love them as well!
This is one that I did with the basic template. I think even this way they are pretty cute, but to me it's screaming for embellishments!


Katrina's Version
For my egg holders I used glittered fun foam. I had some 6"x9" sticky sheets left over from another project. I cut two 1"x6" strips for the egg holders. I used one plastic egg to make two egg candy holders. For the Transportation egg holder I also used a thinner strip of blue glittered sticky foam. The white you see is the backing that I left on the inside of the handle. I cut off just enough backing for the handle to stick it to the egg. I also hid the back of the rocket and air plane brads between the backing and the foam handle. For the base I just removed the backing so that it would hold to the egg. The foam is over lapped in the back. I added a strip of paper around the top of the transportation egg to hide the lip and give it a finished look.

This one has a Scotti dog button on the front. I cut a slit in the fun foam and just pushed the button through. I used flowers form my scrap booking supplies. These would be great place holders with the name of the person written on the egg.


Anjeanette here. I had fun with mine. Yes it did involve sewing....and felt. I can't help it. Generally I think in fabric, felt or paint.

I started with a layer of felt, some stiff Pellon to help it stand up, another layer of felt and some felt circles in different colors. I sewed the circles on which also made a nice sandwich. Then I traced on the template and cut 5 out. Why 5? Because that was how many I could get out of my felt.

Here they are together. I stitched around each one and stitched them closed at the back.

And an action shot of them. My little family died our eggs last night. My boys were aching to use the little egg holders. My 6 year old set up this shot for me with his favorite egg and his brother's favorite egg. My boys were delighted to have their own egg holder!

Thanks Rebecca for a fun template.


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Lucky Mom said...

I feel so boring with my generic easter dye kit paper ones. I think we'll need to embellish them a tad... Thanks for the motivation.