Thursday, April 9, 2009

Edible Baskets

Cute, hu!? I found these awesome brightly colored mini cupcake wrappers and knew they'd be perfect for this treat. I tend to do this treat for everything. In the mini size they are perfect to pop the whole thing in your mouth! Yum! They are also one of those things that the kids can help out in every stage! I LOVE that.
They are pretty easy because I use a kit! I love those Jell-O no bake kits. There are quite a few options out there and they all taste delicious. Seriously, yum! Follow the directions on the box to make the cheesecakes. The box shows a whole cheesecake pie. I changed mine to be mini cupcakes. So, I first put the crust into each of the mini cups. Then, I put the cheesecake mixture into a sandwich baggie to make it easier to pipe it into those tiny cupcake wrappers. Seriously, these ones were smaller than the normal mini size.
To turn this from just a yummy dessert, into an edible basket you add licorice ropes for the basket's handle.
Then, add your jelly beans inside. You could also put shredded coconut that you turn green. However, no one in my house likes coconut flakes. So, we opt out of that. I think they are cute enough without it. And because we don't add the "grass" I fill my cheesecakes up pretty full. If you want to add the "grass" make sure to fill your baskets less than I did with the cheesecake mixture to give yourself room for everything! I also thought of just making the cheesecake mixture green, to use as the "grass". However, I find that though my kids and I love food in all colors, many people are grossed out by green foods that aren't supposed to be green. :)
So quick and easy. These freeze super well so you can make them pretty far in advance (always so helpful)! Just don't add the licorice or jelly beans yet as they tend to go funny sitting in the cheesecake. I'd love to see if anyone else does this. Add it to our flikr group!


Katrina here,

I would LOVE to make these for my family. Alas my boys can't have dairy and I have one that can't have gluten.

However, that may not stop me from making my own version.

You can get gluten free graham crackers. Crush them add a bit of margarine and sugar (I am pretty sure that is what is in those crusts)Or use your favorite gluten free cookies crushed up.

Get a dairy free pudding mix and making it with your favorite non-dairy drink. Look for the kind you have to cook on the stove. They generally don't have dairy added in.

Now for the handles. Did you know you can make it with Jell-o? Make a super concentrated batch of Jell-0. Add less water than you would for even jigglers. You may have to boil it to get all the geletin to dissolve. Use tin foil to make little trouphs and pipe it in. Let it harden and cut to size. There you have your own handles.

Use jelly beans that have no gluten or dairy in them.

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Unknown said...

Love this idea! Those would be cute for a child's easter party.

Lucky Mom said...

B- These would be so cute to make for the kids. Love 'em.
K- You are amazing. I love that your kids don't miss out on a thing. You really go above and beyond for them. You're GREAT!

Xazmin said...

Okay, I'm totally in love with this idea. I think I will try these for our family Egg Hunt on Saturday (if we don't get rained out!)

What an adorable idea!


RootsAndWingsCo said...

When you have children that have special needs. Thinking outside the box just comes naturally. You start thinking in ways you probably wouldn't have. Life should not be missed out on because you are different.

Thank you Lucky Mom for your kind words. Believe me when I say you're just as amazing. I don't know most of our readers personally but I am certain there is a lot of amazing out there.

HoosierHomemade said...

These are really cute! Love how you used licorice for the handle!
I'm glad you had a chance to join in the fun at the Spring Hop!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

SUPER cute and love that you can EAT them!!
Happy Easter!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Just wanted to swing by and let you know I featured your cute little baskets today :)
Happy Easter!

Kaleidoscope said...

We LOVE your blog and the Edible Baskets. We made our first batch last night but all of our "handles" fell over and broke. Any hints? Thanks!