Monday, April 13, 2009

Ice cream cozy!

Oh how I love to eat ice cream. I do. And I sometimes have purchased a pint of B&J ice cream and eaten it right out of the carton. I know I'm not alone. I have also, in the past of course, shared right out of the carton with my Mom and sisters. Shhh. It is a family secret. I'm guessing your family may have the same secret? Maybe just your personal secret? Oh heck! I even purchased a pint of ice cream just for this tutorial. Who am I kidding?!

But you know how as you are eating out of the carton and your mitts get cold? Ta-da! An ice cream cozy is the answer! I have been thinking this one up for some time now. I just needed to put it into action. Just the name makes me feel all cozy. Why do coffee cups get all the love? I know, why didn't you think of this first? I can't believe I haven't seen this before. Such a great idea for a gift for your BFF (my 6 year old son is now using this all the time and it cracks me up) when she needs a pick me up. Or for your sister when she is having ear surgery (not like I'm suggesting this for my sisters to make for me this hint here).

You start with your carton. Lay it on it's side and roll it along a piece of paper, tracing the top and bottom as you go. Cut your paper pattern out. Since I wanted the most coverage for my mitts, I traced from the bottom of the carton to the bottom of the lid. Wrap the paper around the carton to check for fit. I had to tape two pieces of paper together to get it big enough for a good pattern. I also added about 1 inch to one end so it overlaps.

Cut out two pieces of material and one piece of batting from your pattern piece.

Layer your material right sides together and the batting on top of that. Sew around the perimeter leaving about 4 or 5 inches to turn it.

Clip your corners and trim the batting close to the seam, making sure not to clip your seam;)

Turn it right side out. Use a dowel or something dull to push the corners out nicely.

Pin the opening down and top stitch around the perimeter of the whole cozy.

I did some random curving lines to quilt it together.

Sew on strips of sew in velcro. I know some people like the iron in kind. But I think it doesn't hold well. I also choose to use velcro because I didn't like the idea of holding something with a button sticking into my hand. I thought the velcro was more streamlined for my hand;) The Velcro goes on the bottom of one side and the top of the other so that they match up nicely.

Voila. Go eat you some ice cream and tell me what flavor it was, K?

I gave mine to my SIL Katrina. The material is for Autism Awareness. She made a funny comment about Autism Mommies being the ones that need to eat a pint of ice cream. I laughed and said that EVERY mom needs some ice cream therapy from time to time. I just thought it was a fun way to use my Autism material for a REAL Autism Mom;)

Please let me know if you liked this tutorial. If I don't get comments, I don't know if it is a useful tutorial. I do love me some comment love;)



devi said...

it is so nice :D and now it's even more a pleasure to eat icecream :b

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I can't wait to go grocery shopping and get a pint of icecream to use my new cozy! ;)Love it!!!!

If you think that is project is hard, you couldn't be more wrong. I was there as Anjeanette made this. It didn't take her long at all. If you can sew a semi straight line then you can make this. I use the edge of my pressure foot to follow the edge of the fabric to help me sew straighter. I always thought quilting was a hard thing to do. It looks like she put a lot of work into the quilting when in fact it looked easy and fun to do. Just don't over think it and try it.

Your fingers will thank you as you eat your way through a pint of your favorite icecream.

Does Thin Mint icecream come in pints? No!? Well maybe we will have to make a cozy for the half gallon! Just kidding. ;) It would take me at least 3 sittings to get through a half gallon.

Thank you,

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Katrina is so right. It took me all of 20 minutes and that was because I stopped to take pictures. I can't wait to make more and add fun details too. I totally forgot about the ric rac I got for this.


Unknown said...

So cool! I have a, uhhh, friend, yeah, that's it, who NEEDS one of these. Poor girl, she eats the ice cream right out of the container when she's really stressed. :) said...

Wow! you guys = straight up genius. I love it. I was attacking a pint of Chunky Monkey last night and things would have gone so much easier if I had one of these. Talk about a fun gift for my ice cream buddies, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.

Lucky Mom said...

I'm glad you used puzzle material. Ben&Jerry's sells coozies in their store for just this purpose but they have a cow on it. Cute yes but definitely NOT a comfort when you already feel like ca-ca and are gourging yourself on a pint. Super cute. I could see these in all different patterns.

Myrnie said...

This is so funny- whoever thought of making a cozy, so we'd be more comfortable when diving headlong into a pint after the kids go to bed? Sheer genius!

LollyChops said...

You are a baaaaaad influence I tell ya! BAD BAD BAD!

I have everything I need except the ice cream. It's off to the store for me!

Coffee flavor for me! Or Chunky Monkey. Those are my favs!

Becky Pipes said...

What a neat idea! I also love the idea of a half gallon one - for those REALLY crazy days. lol! :)

It would definitely make an adorable gift - great for mailing with a gc for ice cream. Thank you!!

MammaDucky said...

Bahahahaha! My Mom and sisters will LOVE this for Mother's Day! Rockin!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! What a great gift for a friend in need - a pint of ice cream in a cute cozy!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

How cute! Love it so much and the ice cream, too!


Sonja Andrews said...

Most excellent idea ...

I did discover the other day, that B & J's now have a flavor called "Chocolate Therapy." It actually works too.

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Saw your tutorial on One Pretty Thing. LOVE it! I can't believe I never thought to do this, and I can't WAIT to make one for my hubby! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Scarlett Burroughs said...

What a clever idea. I linked to your tutorial on my blog.
Scarlett Burroughs
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

Meridith said...

What a brilliant idea! How cute would this be to give to a college student during finals!

Alena Jo said...

I love your blog, ladies! This is a fun idea! I just made these a few days ago. I plan to give one to each of my kids teachers. I'm going to eat the ice cream and give them an empty one, with the cozy on it, and inside there will be a gift card to the grocery store (to buy some pint sized ice cream of course)!

The first one I made was way too short, even though when I made the paper pattern, I made it a few inches longer. I just hadn't accounted for the seam allowances.

Fun, fun! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Brilliant idea!!! I always use a paper towel!!! So , glad to know someone else eats it right out of the carton :)