Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie Carmel Crunch Bars

Oh can you hear the chorus of angels singing? I said today's recipe is CARMEL Crunch Bars. Glory be thy name!! Of course there is chocolate in it. Lots and lots of chocolate. What's Left on the Table chose the recipe. I am going to have to be her new best friend;) After reading how she chose this recipe, I guess I have to be her kids' new best friend. That is a little strange. So I'll keep my love and admiration to my own little blog;) Oh check out her blog for the recipe. Because I'm telling you, YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS!

When I butter pans, I always think of baking with my mom. Actually baking in general takes me back to baking with Mom. It makes me feel all warm and cozy.

I have to give some love to my sweet husband. Years ago, before we had kids, he bought me this awesome mixer. I love her. I just need some of those decals to decorate her like this. Well not like that. Maybe with pink polka dots or something cutesy. Maybe not cutesy. She is a workhorse. She needs something sophisticated. Anyway...

I read several people had a hard time getting the chocolate on top to melt. So I pulled out my handy chopper and voila...chocolate powder pretty much. It spread so smoothly and melted right away.

I have ice cream for it. I got some Samoas ice cream and some vanilla bean. But there is no need to mess this up with ice cream. This is pure decadence.

Now please go and make these. You will be glad you did;)

This is Rebecca butting in here. The picture of the butter totally reminds me of Mom, too. Were we the only ones that thought licking the butter wrapper was a treat? Because I totally remember being so excited when it was my turn (we didn't lick the same wrapper, one after the other, one would get chosen this time and then it was someone else's turn the next time). I always think of that when I have my butter wrapper. As an adult I find the thought of doing that repulsive. This memory truly pops up with me each time I have a butter wrapper...so this year I did it. I licked the wrapper! I had to find out if I was just being a fuddy duddy adult in my repulsion to this once beloved treat. Let me spare you this one....DON'T do it! It is repulsive! It about made me gag even. I don't think it was something Mom ever did or even told us to. I don't remember all the details to this one. Help, Anjeanette?

No I don't suggest licking the butter wrapper either. Can't say I remember liking licking the wrapper though. But licking the beaters was a treat! I did that when I made these and didn't feel bad at all. There are no eggs in this recipe;) I almost took a picture of me licking the beater, but my hands were a mess so I didn't;)



Lucky Mom said...

These look like something I could drool over. I think I would have no trouble polishing off the whole pan before anyone got home and discovered the evidence. YUM. Why does summer season have to be approaching?

Kesha Thomas said...

I will be trying these out very soon!