Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day One-Valentine Count Down

Welcome to Roots and Wings for our Valentine Count Down. Here is my mailbox for today. I put a fun craft for the kiddos to make, inside of the mailbox (thanks to Nana who made up these kits for all of her Grandchildren). Since it's the weekend I thought it was the perfect day for this to be in the mailbox! Notice I also have the card out that explains why the mailbox is even out, and that my kids need to check the mailbox every day for something fun or yummy! The craft kit is actually in the mailbox for the kids, but for my picture I took it out! As soon as my kids make them, I will post a picture.

We thought we should start this off with a bang. So how about our first give-away!?
That pretty "Love" Banner can be all yours! (Ok, the picture is awful but I'm in the midst of a fight with my computer right now... and it's winning. sigh. I couldn't let the cut up pictures delay all the fun we have planned for our 14 days of Valentines!!) It is an embroidered felt banner that is tied up with tulle! Look at the fun embroidered detail! Do you remember this from my sneak peak last week?
Just leave us a comment and we will randomly choose a winner from those, on Wednesday by noon. That way this can get in the mail to you that evening (if the winner responds back with their email quickly enough!)!

Don't forget to check back every day until Valentines Day for our 14 Days of Valentine Countdown!



Alison said...

Love this! And I would love it!

I am trying so hard to slow down with all the unimportant stuff and enjoy more of the fun, memory making events with my kids.

Lucky Mom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I was trying to guess what you were embroidering from your sneak peek. This is fab!

Timmarie said...

That is completely cute!

Regina said...

This is great -and I love what you two are doing on this site! How fun!!! I have embroidery machine envy though -

hannahkinley said...

The banner is adorable! I just found your site and let's just say I'm gonna be up late tonight. Totally love it. oh and happy early Valentine's Day!

Audrey said...

How cute and adorable! I love Valentine's Day stuff. Makes me happy to see. I think if I look up crafty in the dictionary it'll say Anj. I can barely sew on a button and look what you all can do! I need lessons....... Seriously, I need help.