Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun Finger Painting For Thanksgiving

thanksgiving finger painting preschool activity a
I have always loved children’s fingerprints.  I am even in the midst of making up a whole alphabet book of animals that we turn our fingerprints into. 

So, today we had some fun using our fingerprints and handprints to make turkeys and trees.

I saw these adorable turkeys over at my new favorite site, Silly Eagle Books.  You must check her out!  My version is a little different than hers, and years ago I made these with rows of feathers.  A row of red feathers, then orange, then yellow, and then the body.  Fun!
thanksgiving finger painting preschool activity g
How sweet are little hands!? 
thanksgiving finger painting preschool activity b
We put our turkeys along the bottom of a page so they could draw and color the scene in themselves.  Sorry about the lighting, just imagine that you could see their cute eyes and beaks!  I couldn’t get the picture’s lighting right to make them show up!  I guess for blogging, a lighter color of brown would be better! Winking smile
thanksgiving finger painting preschool activity d
Then we went all out and painted up our hands and arms to make trees! 
thanksgiving finger painting preschool activity f
This time our fingerprints were the autumn leaves.

I like how both of these activities turned out and the kids ALWAYS love when we paint!
thanksgiving orance face final
Had to throw this in.  Do you see the orange face?  This is what my kids were doing as they ate their snack after school today.  I just love having them home and can’t wait for our 4 day weekend to begin!!


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silly eagle books said...

These turned out great! I love the trees, too! Can't wait to see your alphabet book of fingerprint animals! That sounds like so much fun. :)