Sunday, March 21, 2010

Renaissance Festival Take 2

renaissance festival 7
Our family just got back from the Renaissance Festival.  We go every year and I showed these headbands to you last year.  Here in Arizona the Renaissance Festival is a huge deal!  I have actually gone twice this year and could still go back if my wallet could handle it! 
One of the best aspects of this, for me, is that the vendors mostly sell handmade wares.  The magic wands are beautiful (my daughter walked away with a replica of Hermione’s wand…oh yes she did-thank you Papa)!  The things they do with ostrich eggs, or leather, or wood, or glass, or jewelry, or fabric, or wax are breathtaking.  It’s real craftsmanship.  Even better is that they make it right there in front of you (most of them).  You can watch glass blowing right next to the guy making leather shoes, who is right next to the guy making wax sculptures.  I really love that stuff.  It makes me feel that every penny that I spend is worth it!
renaissance festival 1
Our renaissance festival is really huge and runs for 2 months a year.  They have wonderful jousting shows in a huge arena where you cheer on whichever Knight that you are sitting in their “area”.  This show is complete with the Royal Court presiding over it, with the Royal Court’s band playing.  Quite a show!
 renaissance festival 2
You are lucky that I toned down the amount of pictures of the village houses!  They are so cool.  Here is just a peak at these structures that each shop is housed in.  There is so much detail in each of them.  One house has a giant tree person growing out of it.  Another castle has an enormous, unending tube slide running around and through it.  These get better and better each year, and the structures of our Renaissance Festival, alone, makes it worth visiting each year!
 renaissance festival 3
There are too many unique, funny, or amazing shows to ever see them all.  This guy with the fire whips is a must see, as are the bird shows, and the mud men.  It depends on if you want to be amazed, entertained, or to laugh.
 renaissance festival 4
The food.  This deserves it’s own post.  Many years ago the food really was not that great, but now it is a huge part of what makes it worth seeing.  You know the kind, mongo sized Turkey legs, mouth watering bread bowls filled with soups, and Huge.chocolate covered.strawberries.  I’ll let that one set in a minute. 
Yum, right?
Oh, yes it is.  If strawberries aren’t your passion there are chocolate covered raspberries, bananas, and even cheesecakes!  Swoon.  Even worse is that they entice you with free samples…which they offer to your children to really seal the deal!
  renaissance festival 6
My children always want to be dressed up in costume for this.  This year we made Knight’s pinnies.  They are so quick and easy and were a huge hit with my kids.  You should check out a craft I made at last year’s Renaissance Festival.  It was these headbands.  In the post I not only show how to make the cute headbands, but even explain how to make that curling ribbon you see above.
 renaissance festival 5
I love making things for the Renaissance Festival especially because my children really get into and it makes it more fun for me.
renaissance festival 7
Are there festivals or activities around you that your family goes to every year?  What fun things do you make for them or at them?

Ps Thank you to my whole family.  It was so nice that everyone made it.  My kids had so much fun running around with all the cousins.  And of course thanks to Papa for spoiling the children with all their fantastic purchases.  They have continued playing with them all night.  I foresee these being toys they will cherish!


Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Wait... did I know you lived in AZ? Probably.
We almost went this year, but decided a three-year-old was a bit too young for the festival, even if we weren't! Maybe next time... or the next.
I'm glad your kids got to dress up! It makes it that much more enjoyable. said...

I love thoses renaissance festival! They are so creatives and inspiring. :-) I am a huge fantasy/medieval geek. Would they happen to have a website? I'd love to check it out.

We have a festival of this kind near Montreal, I used to do facepainting there for the last few years. I have great souvenirs of all theses events!