Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part One of the Lego “Agents” Party

For my son’s 8th Birthday party he wanted a “Lego Agents” theme.  The timing could have been better since it seems that Lego is phasing out the “Agents” collection.  Such is life.  However, Legos and Secret Agents by them selves will never go out of style.  It seems that every little boy in my life these days is planning a Lego themed party.
  Lego Agents Party Invitation
Lets start with the invitation.  I was trying to be clever, secret agent style, with the invitation.  However, I could not make it too cryptic otherwise some people might not have a clue what it was about.  Ha!  I had one mother call and RSVP and in her message she was asking if she got the date and time right because it wasn’t very clear.  OF COURSE IT WASN’T TOTALLY CLEAR!  WHO WANTS THE ENEMY SHOWING UP FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY! ;)  LOL  She is a very nice person and she got it exactly right too funny!  To make the invitation, I scanned in a folder and used Photoshop for the rest.  Cool right?……………….
Well, anyway I thought so. :)

When my son told me the theme he wanted he also asked that I make a cake that is a Lego Agent.  WARNING!!!  IF YOU MAKE A FANCY DETAILED CAKE ONCE, THEY WILL FOREVER WANT TO HAVE FANCY DETAILED CAKES.  I AM BEYOND THRILLED WITH THE FINAL RESULT!!  I have no formal training with cake making and decorating.  This was all fly by the seat of my pants with a consultation from my professional cake making sister over the phone with fondant questions.  (she is in another state or I would simply ask her to make the cake)

The cake portion of this was baked the night before and carved and decorated the morning of the party.  The colors aren't exact because it is VERY hard to get dark colors with frosting.  You have no idea how much blue gel coloring I added just to get the blue as dark as it was here.  I used pictures of the "Agents" Lego figures to give me an idea of how the uniform looked and added some details of my own.  Basically I didn’t worry about being exact but did try to replicate some of the details so that there would be no question about what kind of Lego Mini figure this is.  That and the Birthday boy was every excited and as always complimented me a lot.  I actually have fun working on the challenges his cake requests give me.  However, I do not want to do it for a living.
Lego Agent cake full body
For the head I used a Styrofoam ball covered in royal icing and then covered in rolled fondant.  I cut the hand shapes out of floral foam and covered them like I did the head.  My little guy wants a Lego Indiana Jones Birthday party this summer so I wanted the head and the hands to last.  The fondant dries hard and will last a long time.  The body is carved out of a 9x13 2 layer cake.  For the hands and the feet I made two 8x8 cakes layered like the body.  The best thing about carving a cake is that you can let your child have a bit of cake while you are decorating it.  There was plenty of samples from the trimmings.  I don’t go hog wild for decorations all over the house.  I put much of my efforts into the cake and the favors and activities.  After all the cake can’t be baked until the night before and decorated the day of.  Gluten free baked goods are best when fresh.  

By the way I used Bob’s Red Mill cake mixes.  Two chocolate flavored mixes and two vanilla flavored mixes.  People were confirming that it was indeed gluten and dairy free while they were eating their cake.  Even Anjeanette had to confirm that it was dairy free (even though I always make gluten and dairy free cakes for my kids and it has been 5 years since I have made a “regular” cake.
Lego Agent cake upper body
The cupcakes were  a last minute addition.  I was looking at where to put the candles.  I had just spent a couple of hours sculpting the cake and just didn’t want to stab it with candles.  I think it was my Dad that suggested he should have cupcakes in his hands.  The light bulb went on and I decided it was the perfect solution to where to put the candles.  My son decided they were bombs.  :)  The down fall was that all the kids wanted the cupcakes.  The kids were disappointed that they were not allowed to eat the head and hands.  They still wanted to eat the fondant even though there was foam under it.   (I now have them packed away in plastic bags with silica gel packets in them to preserve them till June.  To keep them clean I put plastic wrap between the head, hands and the cake. 
Lego Agent cake holding cupcakes
Since everybody knows who’s party it was, I didn’t bother writing anything on the cake.  In one corner of the cake board I did write the number “8”. 

When I frosted the cake the cake board got a little “messed up” with frosting dropped on it and cake crumbs that were whipped off and left a wet mark.  Soooooo  I pulled out a large paint brush and “painted” the cake board with frosting.  I did wet down the brush a bit to thin out the frosting.  I was going for a background that looked a bit like sky.  Ummm I mean I totally planned on painting the cake board to make it look cooler than plain white cardboard. ;)

I came up with a secondary theme of Secret Agents for ideas for the the rest of the party.  Since that is basically what I think Lego Agents are.  So I put Google to good use and looked up “Spy Gear.”  I came up with a few sights that had some fun items for the kids to make.  You can go HERE or HERE for some great spy gear projects and more.  I printed up the best projects and put them in folders for the kids to take home.   That way their "spy" fun can continue after the party.  Plus there would be enough time to do all the fun things I found.  I gave one folder to each family (which greatly cut down on how many copies I needed to make.  Most of our guests come in twos or threes per family.)  The fun didn’t stop there……but that is for another post. ;)

I had planned on doing just one post for this party but……. it would have been a REALLY REALLY long post and I would have left a lot out.  The girls talked me into splitting it up and adding more details. 
That and I thought the cake deserved a post all on it’s own.  I wanted to do a happy dance when I finished just the head and then hands.  Seriously I almost starting calling people to tell them about it.  This is me doing something new and being totally sure about the fact that if it worked it would be super cool.  Then to have it turn out as good or better than I imagined just made me want to have a mini party to celebrate. ;)  Then the morning of, with my parents and the boys watching nearly every move while I sculpted the rest.  I believe they had fun watching.  Not to mention my boys coming by like little baby birds with their mouths open for some frosting. Only to be disappointed when I told them they had to wait till I was done decorating.  I used nearly a full tub of Wilton cake frosting.  No…not the little tub……yeah the big $12 tub that I got at 40% off with my trusty Michael’s coupon.

Ha! This post was a little long all on it’s own…can you imagine what it would have been like if I did one post for the whole party!?  I can’t wait to share the rest.

Update: Bob from Bob's Red Mill Tweeted about my Lego Cake!  "Beautiful Lego-Agents cake using our chocolate and vanilla cake mixes"  Thanks Bob!


Threebusybs said...

Cool! We just had a Lego party too! The cake we made was the label but we used my sons name instead of LEGO. I'd love for you to check it out!

Your invite was AWESOME too!

Way to go,

Jenny said...

Really, really clever party planning.

Reeniel said...

You must work as a secret agent yourself for the "Cake Boss", that is a wonderful cake! what a great job! thanks for sharing I'm sure my son will want one of these instead of the football one he told me last mos.

Reeniel said...

You must be a secret agent yourself and work on the side for the "Cake Boss", the cake is absolutely wonderful! thanks for sharing, I'm guessing my son will now want this instead of a football cake!

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Your cake turned out great! And I know what you mean if you make it one time they won't let you forget!

can't wait to see more!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Secret Agent for the "Cake Boss"! I am going to bask in that compliment for a little while.

Seriously thanks so much for the compliments ladies!!

I was patting myself on the back for that one.

Did you know that if you put your offset spatual in a hot water bath and then wipe the water off the hot blade will help to make a smoother finish on our frosting?

My sister shared that trick with me just before I made the cake.

I tried a container filled with hot water and it worked better than had I done nothing. She suggested having a small crock pot on hand to keep the water nice and hot. Next time I will keep a pan of water hot on the stove.

CAKE BOSS!!!!! Am I glowing? ;)


CitricSugar said...

I have tears in my eyes, I am laughing so hard! (It was the "warnings" that did it.... Incredible job, too, my dear!

Good to know about Bob's mixes.

Jessica said...

That is such a cool cake. I will NOT show my LEGO crazed almost seven year old that cake as I want to use my cricut to decorate the cake so I can have a fast and easy cake :) Oops, did I just let lazy me leave a comment? I showed my mom who is a professional and she LOVED it!

As an FYI on how to keep your cake board clean...cover it with foil or wax paper or something. That way your board wipes clean easily and the oils don't soak into the board the the cake tastes great the day you serve it.

Okay, I think I might show my son...by the time you guys are done with all your lego posts, I am going to want him to have a LEGO party.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The cake looks wonderful! Lego Agents is a great theme for a birthday party. Everything looked great! Can't wait to see part 2!

Kaden Epstein said...

Cake looks GREAT. I just did a LEGO party for my son as well. I just did a small post about it too hoping someone might find it and get some useful ideas. The lego necklaces I made were one of my fav's! Can't wait to see your part 2...(even though my sons party is over)...and am so wishing I had made those lego molds...how'd you do that?

~Kimberly said...

Absolutely adorable! The cake is awesome!

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

WAY FUN! I love the invites (Super crative!) and the cake is AWESOME!

autumn said...

love the cake! it looks incredible!!
so clever and charming.

Lori said...

You are way to cool... I love it...

Thanks for joining me for another great party at "Get Your Craft on Thurs." Please join me next week for another wonderful party..

Please stop by for a big annoucement Tuesday, the 16th. I'm so excited I'm about to bust...

2sisters said...

Wow! Is all I have to say!

the decorated cookie said...

Great job!! (Oh, I'm imagining the hours...) Thanks for sending along the link, I'll be sure to post tonight at ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

I just wanted to let you know that I featured this here:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that cake is awesome!!!

cathy said...

first i love the internet. second i love your blog. thank you for sharing your creations. my son is asking for a lego agents birthday for his 7th coming up in july and i am searching for ideas and came across your post. you did an awesome job with the concept and details. i was hoping it was okay to borrow your invitation idea. i adore theme parties and love your ideas.

here are a couple of links to my crazy birthday ideas.



i will be adding your blog to my favorites for sure!


Just Wrap It Fitness said...

Love it, I am your newest follower!! Swing on by to share your Party Side every Wednesday. You can link up any parties, party decor, party printables, party paper items, party ideas, gift ideas, anything PARTY related!! I’d love to feature you and show off your fabulous parties so make sure you linkup!

Nicole @ TheTwoSavvySisters.blogspot.com

AJ said...

AMAZING cake! Funny that I accidently clicked on a link to you blog (I am looking for colors/ideas for son's 7th b-day Lego Star Wars party) & we have to eat GF/CF, too! (I only need to eat GF, but w/4 of 5 children needing to be both, it's best to just keep all dairy out of the house.) SO, can totally relate to being unable to make the cake early. Love Bob's Red Mill GF flours & esp. their brownie mix! Thank you for sharing!

AJ said...

AMAZING cake! Funny that I accidently clicked on a link to you blog (I am looking for colors/ideas for son's 7th b-day Lego Star Wars party) & we have to eat GF/CF, too! (I only need to eat GF, but w/4 of 5 children needing to be both, it's best to just keep all dairy out of the house.) SO, can totally relate to being unable to make the cake early. Love Bob's Red Mill GF flours & esp. their brownie mix! Thank you for sharing!