Friday, January 15, 2010

Adorable Danish woven hearts

Yes! They are fabric. What can I say, I think in fabric. I figure if I am going to spend my time making something, I want to be able to use it over and over. When you make these with just paper, they don’t last as long.

No, you don’t have to sew. Why anyone wouldn’t know how to sew, is beyond me. I can’t even begin to imagine someone not needing to know how to sew. And the idea that everyone doesn’t dream in fabric, again, is something I just can’t understand. Life is so much better in fabric. You almost expected me to say “Sew” instead of ”so”, didn’t you?

And just tell me that it isn’t adorable, I dare you... Ok, don’t. I was just kidding. Tell me that you love them and are going out right now to gather the supplies to make your own. Tell me how much you adore me. Tell me I am thin and beautiful. Maybe I’m letting the fact that my family has been sick all week get the better of this post.

Here is a peak-see of the inside of them. I know, cute! Once you have woven the two halves together, they are like little hanging baskets.

I found a pattern online and printed it out. You need your fabric and some iron on adhesive. Really this is self explanatory. Stick your two fabrics together with the fusible webbing. (Iron them with the webbing between them following the instructions.) Again I used red and white lined fabric for the inside of the hearts and red and white felt for the outside.

I thought it was much easier to weave the two halves together because they were made of fabric. When I make them out of paper, I either have to make them really big, or I cut the fold and weave them, then tape them together. Yah, I’m good like that.

I hung them with some ribbon because I thought it let the role of the hearts shine and ‘cause I have a boatload of ribbon laying around. Really, why does a Mom of two boys have so much ribbon laying around?

Decorate them differently for each child. I had some extra red buttons laying around making friends with all the ribbon I have laying around.

The best part of these hearts is that you could use them for so many things. To quote a favorite line from Holiday Inn…”Why they're great on... on... [pause] ... or even plain!”

Enjoy this super simple and adorable project.


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LollyChops said...

These are awesome! They would look so cute made in paper too!

HUGS girls! Hope you and your families have a wonderful weekend!

Lotsa love-n-stuff!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

ADORABLE!!! super cute and fun : )

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Anjeanette, you are killing me. Adding a quote from Holiday Inn? Perfect! I do love how your liner looks, perfect fabric choice for it. And, you say you have multiple of those red buttons? Can a few find there way to my house? I mean you come this way almost you said, what does a mother of 2 boys need them for anyways? A Mother of 2 girls, on the other hand...

Liz said...

I love these! I have a white feather tree I want to decorate for Valentine's Day and these would be perfect. Thanks for posting!

Ruthie said...

So cute - yep you are slim as well!!!

CitricSugar said...

One of the many things I love about this blog is the many unexpected flashbacks to my childhood. I just relived Grade 2. :-)


Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Last Christmas I made paper woven hearts and hung them in the windows. Even though they are a Danish Christmas decoration I left mine up until Valentine's Day too.

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

This is brilliant! I love the idea of making it out of fabric... I guess I think that way too! :)

Unknown said...

How amazing are those hearts. I love that they've been made with fabric and not paper. Got to try them real soon!

Jedda said...

I loved making those as a kid! I'll have to do them with my kids now :) I like the fabric idea too.

Unknown said...

My grandfather was Danish and so I grew up with these little hearts on our tree. My parents would fill them with kisses and also made them of paper and felt. I agree that it is better in felt so they don't tear and do last longer. Thank you for sharing your hearts and bringing back memories.

Katy, TX