Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marshmallow Goodies


You have your graham cracker crusts, chocolate M&M’s and marshmallows all baked in a pan for some OOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD treat. The great thing is that you can find Peeps in Halloween, Christmas and Valentines shapes. You can also find fun marshmallow shapes in the baking isle for all the big holidays. Buying M&M’s from the bulk bins at a candy shop often means that you can put together your own color combination. You can choose to pack these as a seasonal treat or use the recipients favorite colors. Give it as a gift or bring it over when your BFF needs a little pick-me-up. Click HERE to go to the tutorial.


Did you know that marshmallows are actually really easy to make? Oh the possibilities are endless when you make your own marshmallows. With Christmas coming up you can grind up some candy canes or use your favorite extract to change the flavor to your liking. Anjeanette, made hers and dipped them in chocolate. Rebecca ground up Red Hots to coat hers with. I used a powdered frosting mix that was basically powdered sugar with powdered vanilla extract added in. OH MY GOODNESS!! If you like marshmallows, even a little bit, you will LOVE your own home made version. I promise. There is NOTHING like fresh home made marshmallows. Ok now it is time to stop reading about it and click HERE to get the recipe and tutorial. Your family, hips and friends will thanks us for it. ;)

Now that you have made your homemade marshmallows you can package some up in a nice mug with some gourmet hot chocolate to give as gifts. If you have a pot luck coming up why not make up a huge batch of hot cocoa with a platter of home made marshmallows on the side. Make up a batch for when your family goes out caroling and needs warming up when they are done. Or maybe the kids are at Grandma’s for the day……………………….. You get the idea. Go HERE for some more ideas.

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