Saturday, October 31, 2009

Edible Arrangement Thanksgiving Center Piece

Thanksgiving edible arrangement center piece

This year I thought I would try a new twist on a Thanksgiving center piece. Usually the center piece sits in the middle of the table and looks lovely but it does not add anything to the feast. Inspired by a company called Edible Arrangements that does lovely bouquets of fruit, I decided on a Veggie arrangement.


-1 craft pumpkin ( you know the fake ones at the craft store)

-Bamboo skewers

-A couple of real mini ornamental pumpkins

-Some pomegranates generously given to you by your BFF

-A fall leaf garland

-Assorted vegetables in yellow, orange, red and green. I used mini bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, yellow cherry tomatoes and red grape tomatoes.

Use your imagination to put your vegetables on the skewers in creative ways. I suggest you use something metal like a nail or metal skewer to poke holes in your pumpkin where you want your vegetable sticks to go. I started with my sugar snap pea spirals because they were the biggest. When you start adding skewers to your pumpkin be sure to balance it out as you go. This will keep the pumpkin from tipping to one side. You can make some of the skewers a day in advance. I suggest waiting till the day of to put your tomatoes on the skewers. Put your skewers in the fridge till you are ready to set out your center piece.

I cut off the top of an ornamental pumpkin and cleaned out the inside. I have some small glass bowls that fit perfectly inside. For this picture (because Thanksgiving is still a month away) I only cut the top off of one of my mini pumpkins. Do this with several and put different dips inside as part of your center piece. It will also encourage your guests to actually eat from your arrangement.

Arrange the garland in a spiral under your pumpkin like a place mat. Arrange your ornamental pumpkins with dip around and place pomegranates between as filler.

Thanksgiving edible arrangement center piece 2

The day before Thanksgiving I plan to fill the mini pumpkin with water and place my small glass bowl inside and freeze it. This way when I put the dip in the bowl the ice around the bowl inside the pumpkin will keep it nice and chilled.

What I love about this is that the garland and the pumpkin are the only things I need to find a home for till next fall. I will be able to make more edible arrangements or simply place silk stems in the skewer holes for another kind of decoration.

Happy Thanksgiving!



southerninspiration said...

Aren't you so clever?? I love that, and i love the way you skewered the things, for instance putting the broccoli on the end of the little peppers! Adorable, and great idea to keep the dip cold!! I'm so impressed!


Unknown said...

What a fabulous idea! I'm going to take this center piece to my family dinner. THe idea you have for freezing the pumpkin is genius!

Donnelly said...

This is fantastic! How absolutely fun and so "do-able"! Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day! said...

Whoa! This is so cool, I love it! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Barry Newman said...

Wow that's very creative!

C Rock said...

Fantastic and fabulous idea!! I am also thinking about Edible Arrangements as thanksgiving centerpieces.