Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Movie Star Themed Birthday Party

movie star party decorations boa lighting hanging popcornn

My daughter swears she is a Tomboy. To her, being a Tomboy is kind of like wearing a costume. It’s something to dress up as, and play pretend. I always let my kids choose the theme of their parties. She chose a Movie Star Theme. Can you guess who is nowhere close to being a Tomboy?

movie star party red carpet entrance

Welcome to the party! Guests walked up our “Red Carpet” runway. It was also the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as it had gold stars on it and then the kids put their handprints, in Black, next to the stars. We also had star confetti all over the walkway for extra “bling”. I have stakes that I use along my walkway for hanging holiday lanterns. I set those up and we strung out movie reel garland through it.

movie star party decorations boa lighting

We went with the colors Red, Black, and Gold. I found boas on sale and strung them up my hanging lights. I LOVED how this turned out!movie star party decorations pinata

Other decorations that were hung high were bought from the local party store. The party store had an amazing and extensive selection of everything for a movie themed party. The pinata was so cute! If you look carefully along the top of my sliding door there is more of that movie reel garland. I have a secret to tell you about it...It’s real! (haha, bad joke) No, seriously! We went to the movie theater and talked the manager into giving us real film from a movie. They gave us about 10 minutes worth from a movie (Pearl Harbor, oddly enough), and it was a TON. That’s what we strung along the front walkway. We used it all over the place and still had lots leftover! I love finding special tricks like that!

movie star party decoration treat bags

The treat bags were red, with gold vinyl names on them and then tied off with black bows. Have you seen Walmart’s party section lately? It’s a must see. They sell candy by the color! I had sixlets, gumballs, and malted milk balls. Then, I bought a giant bag of licorice, which isn’t just known for being a staple at the movies, it also color coordinated perfectly for my party! I love when things work out like that!

movie star party decorations treats

Sorry you can’t see the beautiful picture of my daughter there! I can’t even show you many of my decorations because they incorporate pictures of my daughter. However, I had to show you my mini movie reels. I made these up myself. I cut out the red and then glued that to black circles and glued that all onto peppermint patties. They were so cute.movie star party decorations labeled water

My kitchen island is always so much fun for me to decorate. There are a few decorations from the party store tucked in here. I cut strips of black and white patterned paper and then layered a thinner red strip on top. The red strip said Happy Birthday to my daughter. These bands I then taped around mini water bottles.

movie star party food table

This was my table. There was other food lurking around the kitchen (such as salsa and guacamole which are must haves at my parties!!). movie star party cupcakes

Did you notice those awesome cupcakes? You really should see them in person! My little sister (well, actually she’s bigger than me…but she is quite a bit younger than me so I can still say that!) made these for my daughter! Wasn’t that sweet? Oh, yes they were quite sweet and yummy! It’s hard to see but those stars were made of fondant and then had edible gold glitter on top which made them sparkle! So nice of her to do that for us!movie star party champagne sparkling jello

I got plastic champagne glasses and dolled them up by cutting up a boa and glueing it around the bottom of the glass. Then, I made sparkling jello to go in the cups. They were a huge hit, and I love how the boa looked on them.

movei star party star sandwiches

We ate star shaped sandwiches. Mmmm, I love swiss cheese!movie star party red popcorn coness

Using the same cute black patterned papers as I used on the water bottles, I made scalloped cones. I filled them with red jello popcorn that I made. So sticky, but yum! I put newspaper in the bottom of the basket as a filler, then covered that with tissue paper to hold the cones up. The boa along the rim of the basket finished it off perfectly.movie star party decorations boa lighting hanging popcorn

One of my favorite decorations was a hanging centerpiece. I always like to hang things from my chandelier over my dining room table. This time I had a fluffy boa with feathers (oh, I must tell you how much I really loved this). I dangled popcorn buckets filled with real popcorn, stars, and wires that I beaded in red, black, and gold.


PS Many fantastic people in my life helped me with this party! I had lots of ideas and got lots of decorations ready to go. Then, “my people” help me get it all put out! Not only do they do a great job figuring where and how to put stuff up, it makes it so much more fun to get ready for the party with people! You guys know who you are, so thank you!

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Sherri said...

WOW! Love all the party ideas. What FUN! You thought of EVERYTHING!

Alena Jo said...

You ladies really go all out! My kids would love to have any of you as their mama! What kid wouldn't love a party like that?!

Linda said...

Wow you did a great job!! looks like it was a great party! Hollywoodmegastore.com has some great props like the ones on your page :)

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

So amazing!!! Don't tell my kids--they only get cake!

Katherine Marie! said...

That looks like one poppin good time!! What an event!!!! I'm sure all your party guests had an absolute BLAST!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

WHOA! That looks amazing! You thought of everything...how incredibly creative! I'll be linking to this.

CitricSugar said...

This. Is. SO. COOL. Man, way to do up the hollywood glam! I suddenly feel the need to wrap myself in yards upon yards of satin and rhinestone and the glossiest red lipstick I can find.....

Christie said...

WOW!!!That looks absolutely amazing!! I'm sure you almost had just as much fun planning and decorating for the party. Thanks for the super cute ideas!

amy & lisa said...

Spectacular!! Love this!

Anonymous said...
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Deena said...

I love this idea and my daughter wants to use this in December!! What did you do for the invitations?!

tinahead81 said...

what a cool idea!! great details!!!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Too fun! I love the red and black theme throughout. You really went all out!

Unknown said...

How fun! Love the feathers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the wonderful ideas! My daughters party was a huge hit! :) I just subscribed and followed you on Twitter. Just getting started on my blog but take a look when you have a chance. :)