Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flower Pot Makeover

Faded blue pot

I purchased this flower pot several years ago for a miniature rose plant my husband gave me. It was originally a lovely navy blue with some fading around the rim for effect. Now it is more faded than blue and looking a little tired.

HDR planters001

Last spring when I was planting my Strawberry Pots , I found this line of pots. They come 6 vibrant colors. I knew that I wanted to add more to my garden. I used them for my How to Make a Fountain Post. After seeing these I was inspired to spray paint some pots that I already have with colors that would coordinate nicely with the pots I have from this collection.

Bright sunny pot after

I washed down my pot to get rid of any dirt and debris. I used a spray primer as an under coat to help the paint stick and to cover the darker color beneath. I then spay painted the whole pot yellow. I spray painted the inner lip of the pot as well. For some additional color I spray painted the top rim with a lime green color. I didn’t mask it off, instead I let the over spray create a blending effect with the yellow beneath.

This is a fun way to inject some color into your yard. It is a great addition to a kid friendly landscape.

As a side note these are the same miniature roses that I used in my May Day Flower Cone.


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