Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting to know your child's teacher

I sometimes have a difficult time knowing exactly what to give to my childrens' teachers. Last year around Christmas time I suggested my 1st grader ask his teacher what her favorite color, and deserts were. Of course, he forgot until right before I needed to give her a gift. So I wrote a little note. She answered back on a little post it note;)

It seems like it would be good to know at the first of the school year what the teacher likes.

This year, the night before school started, I sent an email to my son's teacher for 2nd grade. I put a little note about it being helpful for me to get to know her and could she please fill it out when she has some time.

Sometimes I just feel like taking in a favorite soda or candy bar. This way I will know if it is even something she likes!

His teacher thought it was cute. More importantly, I found out that his teacher is not a Starbucks or apple theme for teachers fan! This is so nice to know as a gift giver. I love Starbucks and usually pick up $5 gift cards here and there to give. (Rebecca drinks their Salted Carmel Hot Chocolates so much to know they no longer carry the salt at our local Starbucks.) I know that I will look for something else for my son's teacher.

I made a task in my calendar as a reminder for her Birthday. In the task, I copied her answers so that I can give something that she would like, rather than a generic gift. I also put it on a little card that I will keep in my purse. If I'm out and see something that I think may be a great present, I can refer to my note and know if it is something she would like.

Oh and I just sent it as an email. I like to know if the teacher is going to be an emailing kind of teacher, and I like them to have my email address.

What is your favorite…
1. Candy/candy bar?
2. Color?
3. Warm drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc) & Cold drink?
4. Fast food restaurant & nice restaurant?
5. Soda?
6. Hobby?
7. Ice-cream (flavor and brand if applicable)?
8. Store in the mall?
9. Holiday?
10. Family activity?
11. Thing at Starbucks?
12. Way to indulge?
13. Sports team?
14. Animal?
15. Decorating style?

16. When is your Birthday (day and month)?
17. Cake or Pie?
18. Wal-Mart or Target?
19. If you had $10 to spend, where would you spend it?
20. Do you enjoy baking/cooking?
21. Do you enjoy to read?
22. Apple things for teachers…love them or hate them?
23. What is something you wish the parents of your students knew?
24. What is the most helpful thing I can do for your class this year?
25. Anything else you would like to share or would like me to know?

I tried to keep it to 25 questions kind of like the ones you fill out of Facebook. I thought of a couple things I would add or change next year. I would like to know if she likes lotions and what scent. I see so many great ideas for lotion and soap gifts for teachers. But I'm always afraid they hate the scents I would choose. And I would like to know if they like candles. Again it seems to be a typical teacher gift. You never know if it is something they would actually like.

I'd love to know if you have a getting to know you tradition you do for your children's teachers. What questions would you ask?



Mama King said...

Great idea. I was the room Mom last year and could have used this list. Thanks!

Crafty Mom said...

How thoughtful!

Tammi said...

Last year for my sons 2nd grade teacher we gave her antibacterial sanitizer, airborne products, notebooks and a lanyard in a cute plastic basket (that she could re-use). I just bought her things that I had found useful for a teacher. But your list of questions would be all lot helpful too!! Thank you for sharing all your useful and very nice projects!!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

You have the BEST ideas! Keep them coming! I like to email my teacher, since it's more convenient for me and her, I would think. So this is a great idea for her to fill out for holiday gifts and just because ones. Thanks!

Amy said...

Seriously, this is one of the sweetest gestures I have happened upon in awhile. I copied and pasted word for word your questions and just emailed them off to my children's teachers. Email has always worked best for both myself and the teachers. Sometimes they even reply during the school day!.

Thanks for the great idea!!!

Christy said...

From a teacher's point of view, what a good idea. As much as I love lotions, I can only use so many at a time. I hate to admit that I usually give quite a few lotions away because I just don't have enough hands to use them on:)

Carmen said...

Wow! As a teacher, I am amazed and touched by your thoughtfulness! Your children's teachers are very lucky to have you!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

southerninspiration said...

GREAT idea!!!


Julia said...

Well done. I think you are definitely on the right track with this one and as my son is just starting Kindergarten I need to learn how to work with his teachers.

Thanks for coming by TAG too!

Pauline said...

What a great idea. This year my son has a male teacher and I have been "worried" about what I should do for teacher gifts (you can't give him flowers). I am going to send him this list and see what he likes/doesn't like. Thanks for sharing:)

Deb said...

What a great idea! I always enjoy having a parent pop in with a soda and/or treat because they were out and about and thought I might like something. This list is perfect for when you want to send a little something or a big something. You have the best ideas!

2 years ago, we had a really hard day as a class. One of my little girls went home in tears because it had been such a hard day. The next morning her Mom showed up with a 44 oz. Diet Coke (my beverage of choice) a bag of Hershey kisses (love chocolate!) and donuts for the kids. It helped to start out the day on such a sweet and fun note that the day before was nearly forgotten. I loved that!

The little gestures mean the most!!

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

SOO love this idea! Wish you had a picture on this post so I could pin it to my Pinterest boards!!

Scrappie Mommie said...

I'm using this to get to know all the teachers at our school. I'm part of the Parent Teacher Club, and we do things for the teachers through out the year. Thanks for the help!