Thursday, June 18, 2009

Magic Card for Father's Day-Gift Card and Book Box

Happy Father's Day, to my Father!
This is my gift to my Dad (Dad, if you're reading this, close your eyes please!) I am so lucky to have my Dad in my life, and thankful to have had him as my Dad. He is such a wonderful man, and I am so proud that he's my Dad! He has the biggest soft spot in his heart for children-all children! He lived his life, working hard, to provide for my family. I am so thankful for the life he was able to provide for our family. He is so talented, in so many ways. He is also a very brilliant man. If I need to know about anything, I just call him up-seriously, any subject! I have learned so much from my Father, and I'm a better person because of him. To say my Dad is a reader is the understatement of the year! His whole house is a library! Every year I always get him a gift card to a book store. I prefer gifts with thought, over gift cards. But for this man, this really is the perfect gift. It doesn't feel right to just give him a gift card. So, here is what I came up with to give the gift card more..."oomph"! I found an awesome box that looks like a book. It was just plain wood and so I painted it up to help it look more like a finished book. Then, I put a card in the box, with a hidden gift card in it!

Hidden Gift Card in the card.
Here is the card with just a drawing of a gift card and not the real card.
The magic in the card is as you pull on the card (on the right side), the actual gift card appears.
Here is the actual gift card with my fake drawing overlay.

How to make the Hidden/Magic picture:
1. Cut out your template. The piece with the cutout window will become the pocket part of the card and the rectangle will become your picture with the overlay.
2. Take your rectangle and make the overlay for it. You slide the rectangle into a sheet protector, pushing it against the fold. Then cut out around the card.
3. Glue the back side of the sheet protector to the backside of the rectangle.
4. Lift up the plastic and make a picture on your paper. I just glued on a die cut. This can be a really neat effect if you use a plain background and then color in lots of detail.

5. Lay the plastic overlay back down, over your picture. Trace the picture with a sharpie.
6. Fold the piece with the cutout window in thirds, with the window on the top. Then, cut the thumb hole out of the other 2 layers of paper.
7. Glue the top of the card to the middle piece, only gluing along the left side and along the bottom, keeping the thumb hole cut out on your right side.
8. Slide your picture with the overlay card into the 3-fold card pocket. Slip the plastic-covered picture over the middle flap. You've done this correctly if the middle flap of the 3-fold card pocket is sandwiched in between the plastic overlay and the picture.
This is how the card looks when it is all in place. You should have lost all the color and extra detail, and should only be left with the outline of your picture.
Here are your 2 finished parts.


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RootsAndWingsCo said...

I have to admit that this is one tutorial that I had to read carefully because I wanted to know how this is done. This was a great tutorial for something that is hard to show in pictures. You did such a good job of tracing the gift card that I couldn't really see the over lay over it.

You definately put the magic back in these cards for me. I think I will be putting them on my list of makes.

Guess we shouldn't get Dad a Barnes and Noble card. ;) You are sooooo right that this is a great gift for him. For years I tried getting him books only to find out he just got himself the same book. Not to mention the man takes his Grandkids to the book store every week to get books.

Great job Rebecca!!