Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can Stilt Stompers

Part of our focus for our family carnival is showing our kids that they can MAKE their own fun by MAKING their own games. Also we are trying to use as many materials as we can that we already have on hand, like using recycled bottles and cans. As you can see we are also dressing them up to go with our 4th of July theme. You can easily make these to match any party theme by using stencils, stickers or scrapbook papers or let the kids decorate their own.

What you will need:

-28oz tin cans

-Nylon cord/rope


-Large nail



-Spray paint/ decorations

Start by spray painting your cans the color of your choice.

We used a pot holder to keep the can from rolling away while we punched the holes. Make a hole on opposite sides near the bottom (unopened end) of the can, so that there is a solid surface to stand on. With your nail in the hole, rock the nail around to widen the hole and fold back the sharp edges inside.
Measure the length of rope you want. Tape the rope. Cut in the middle of the wrapped tape. The tape will hold the rope from fraying. Then burn the ends of the rope with your lighter. This will keep the end from unraveling and make it easier to thread through the hole in the can.
Thread the rope in the can. Tie a nice square knot inside the can. This nicely hides the knot.
Stomp away!! Our kids found that wearing shoes was a must when playing with these.
I have great memories from my childhood making these with my grandparents. Our siblings and cousins would stomp around for hours with these. It is fun to see who can keep their balance walking on these the longest.

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Gwen said...

Alright, I want to make these for me!