Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie ~ Tiramisu Cake

This week's recipe was chosen by Megan at My Baking Adventures. What a treat! After what seems like months of chocolate chocolate chocolate treats, we have one with just *some* chocolate. Yay!

I had great intentions to make this last week, but really, there was no chance of that happening. So I tackled it yesterday.

First Mascarpone oh how I love you...I think. I mean if I could taste with all of my tongue I think I would love you. I can only taste on the left side of my tongue still and from that...I do love you. But all these years I thought it was Marscapone. Mascarpone. Who knew I had it wrong all along. It is like Provolone. When I was a kid, I thought it was like Bologna with the *nee* on the end. My dear sweet husband corrected me one day and is kind enough to keep reminding me every time we see Provolone. He is nice like that;) (On an mostly unrelated note...I ate bologna sandwiches as a kid and hated them. My kid had never even heard of it. He asked me one day what it was. I told him it was a lunch meat that people that don't love their kids, make their kids eat. My friend heard me say that and now she brings it up all the time. So people, never tell your kids that about bologna. My husband told that same friend's daughter that if she ate Sauerkraut, she would grow hair on her chin. Don't say that either;) And whatever you do, don't listen to what my husband and I say about food. Yikes)

Back to my Mascarpone. Mmmm.

So it started out well and good. You actually bake a cake for this one. No ladyfingers were used at all. Yay. What is a ladyfinger anyway? I didn't have two round pans so I just used one regular cake pan and planned on cutting it in half and stacking it. So this cake was sitting on the counter cooling off. It smelled divine. There was a little part that fell off. I sampled it. Again, I can't exactly taste yet after my ear surgery. But I THINK it was delish. I mean, I was curious that I took another little nibble. It was still cooling off and I couldn't do anything until it was totally cool. I was looking out for the cake. The cake was so light and heavenly, I think. Ok maybe just one more sample to make sure.
So something happened to my cake...
I did what any hungry normal baker would do...I took the lid of the mascarapone and used it as a template to cut out two circles for a pretty cake;)
Voila, a pretty cake.
Isn't it cute?
The rest of the cake I cut up into chunks and layered it with the filling and the chocolate. I think it tasted delish. My hubby liked it too. Seriously this cake was perfect for this kind of thing. It sucked up the glaze perfectly.
Hop on over to Tuesdays with Dorie to see what the other amazing bakers came up with.


MammaDucky said...

Ok, the cake looks super yums. I laughed pretty freakin hard reading the part about bologna and provolone. My Mom used to make us eat bologna sandwiches too. Ick.

LVLC said...

wow wow wow! Tiramisu is my sister's favorite and her recipe tastes like heaven. But she is not around!I might try yours! lol mmmmmmm

Unknown said...

I love Tiramisu, but haven't found a recipe I like. I am going to try this one! (Maybe it is not the recipe.. but the cook instead!)

twinkle teaches said...

Yummmo!! I have not had tiramisu in forever. I still eat bologna. :) Sometimes.