Monday, April 6, 2009

A unique approach to a fun Easter treat

This is a fun take on the typical piping bag treats. Traditionally I've always seen it where you take your piping bag and fill it with jelly beans, throw some plastic grass on top and tie it off to look like a carrot.
We think this is a fun new take on the old way. They make kits with the bags and cute ties and tags for Easter now. We picked those bags up because they were less expensive than the piping bags were. But if you can't find the bags and ties packaged for Easter, you can always use clear bags meant for icing a cake.

We like the idea of having edible grass and not plastic grass. We found some Twizzlers Rainbow Twist that included green candy. We carefully cut the candy with kitchen shears to make edible candy grass. I love this and have used it so many times this year in place of plastic grass.

Take two Peep candys. You need to seperate them. This leaves a little sticky place where they were attached. We can't have that now, can we? Take some colored sugar and dip the Peep into it where it was sticky. Voila, sticky no more.

Layer cut up orange gummy slices in the bottom of the bag, two Peeps facing out and finish it with the edible grass. Tie it off and you have an adorable little treat for your favorite neighbor, an after school snack for the kiddos or a fun class treat.

For one more variation, using the orange gummy segments to fill the bag with.


Unknown said...

What a cute idea! I was trying to come up something for my 4&5 year olds in Sunday School. This may just be it.

Have a great week!

Katherine Marie! said...

TOO cute for words! LOVE THIS... it makes me smile!!!!

Lucky Mom said...

It begs to be eaten. Adorable.