Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie under the influence;)

When you start with ingredients as lovely as this, you know it is going to be good;)
I had a Stapedectomy on Thursday. (Ear surgery so I can hear.) I am recovering quite well, but am faithfully taking my pain medication. Also, when the doctor was in my ear, he had to move a nerve out of the way. Because of this, I have no taste except for about 1/2 inch up the length of the left side of my tongue. So sad for trying to eat yummy desserts.

Our kid sister had her first baby just weeks ago. Our Mom went to Texas to eat all the baby goodness help out. I invited our oldest sister and her two boys and our Dad over for dinner on Sunday. Mom makes delish food for an army. I knew they would be in need of some home made food. I took the easy way out and threw something in a crock pot and a box of Jiffy cornbread as well as the bread pudding for this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe.

When I had run to the store for my bread for the pudding, the selection was very limited. I found this cinnamon swirl bread and thought I'd give it a try. Check here for the recipe. I've said it before, I'm not a chocolate lover. I'm not a hater either, but one can only consume so much of it if you aren't a lover. I cut the bread up into small pieces and threw it into the oven for a little bit to dry it out. Oh my, it smelled lovely. I kept thinking how all that chocolate would ruin it. So I decided to half it. One half I baked just as directed. The other half, I cut up apples, put in extra raisins and added brown sugar and vanilla.

Now this was a simple dessert to make, even under the influence of Tylenol 3. I'm not big on pills and this stuff knocks me on my butt! After dinner, I scooped up some of each kind for myself, my husband and my dinner guests. The chocolate was a flat response. Everyone said it was too chocolat-ey. And these are real chocolate lovers people. Every single one of them LOVED the apple streusel bread pudding. Mostly I was just able to smell it, but it smelled divine.

I would not make the chocolate version again. But I will absolutely make it with my little modifications.

(I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors, I'm still under the influence;)



MammaDucky said...

OOooh, the apple streusal would definately please the hubs. I am a chocolate lover myself so I may give the chocolate a go. The bakery I used to work at made a fabulous bread budding with croissants and just a touch of chocolate at the bottom, THICK custard layer, then a layer of custard soaked croissants. Superb. I'm hungry now, thanks, lol.

twinkle teaches said...

I hope you heal fast from your surgery.
This post made my mouth water!!! I went to the bakery this morning with my son--we rarely go because of the temptation but it was nice to sit and eat cupcakes together. :)

Nicole Renee said...

I love chocolate. I may have to try that one for myself. : )

Unknown said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! The desserts look so yummy.