Wednesday, April 8, 2009

String Egg Diorama

We made these when we were kids. We also made Easter baskets out of large balloons. Mom says we made them with our paternal Grandma mostly. I just remember we had the same ones for years. (Or we made them for years?)

It is a messy craft, just perfect for doing with your kids.

Start by blowing up some water balloons. They are the perfect shape and size for this project.

Using water thinned glue, saturate your string completely. You can do this in a large plastic baggie, but I just did mine in a large bowl. Wrap the string around your balloon until you are satisfied with the coverage. Let it dry overnight.

Once the string is completely dry, take a pin and pop the inside balloon.

Carefully cut an opening for your diorama.
Cover the edges of your opening with glue and trim. I choose Ric rac.

Add a bow and some grass.

Add your scene. You can get as carried away as you want. I was trying my best to keep it simple. Thread some ribbon to the top and hang it up. Make a bunch of them and hang them from your chandelier.

These remind me of my childhood. Did you ever make these?


Terri said...

I love these! They remind me of the sugar eggs I got as a child and that was many moons ago! lovely work! If only I had grandkids to do this with!

Lucky Mom said...

I've been wanting to make these every season. In my mind I change the yarn color to fit my theme and ta-da... In my mind I have created a masterpiece. Now if only I can put my "plan" into action... Super cute.

twinkle teaches said...

Love this! Would it work with yarn as well or does thin string work better?

IdaDown said...

They are charming. Definately a "warm, fuzzy" moment. I remember making lampshades as a kid...never thought of baskets. Thanks for sharing