Friday, April 17, 2009

Get Well Cards 2 Ways

Anjeanette had surgery in her ear (Stapedectomy) on Thursday. So I thought I would make her a get well card. Knowing how much she LOVES felt, I decided to make one out of felt. The whole card is made from felt, except 3 buttons and the thread. I made it about the size of a photo mailer.

I used my Sizzix machine to cut out my felt letters and the flowers. I wanted some of the letters to be pink because that is her favorite color. I also used pink thread. I used my sewing machine to sew all the letters onto the green piece of felt. I placed the letters a little out of alignment so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting them totally straight. If the letters had been a bit larger it would have been easier to sew them on. Another way to get the letters on would be to use double sided fusible webbing. Iron some on the back side of your felt and then cut out the letters. My flowers are sewn on with the button. I did all of my decorative elements before sewing on the white backing.

I didn't have rick rack handy so I used a decorative stitched edge. What I like about using the decorative stitching is that it then added a nice little frame on the back (I used matching bobbin thread). I then used a fabric pen to write a message on the back. Just remember that felt is a fairly loose fiber and will be harder to write on than say a cotton weave.

We wish our sister well and for a speedy recovery. We can't wait to see what her creative genius will come up with next. I was quite impressed with the latest ice cream cozy! I only wish I had had time to get one made up and mailed to her for this weekend. Something pink with a large letter "A" embroidered on the front. That way nobody will mistake her pint for theirs. ;)



Rebecca, here. Now it's my turn to show you a different version of a get well card! I am fortunate enough to live close enough to Anjeanette to be able to jut give her something (we live within a few miles of each other) and not have to mail it. So, my get well card is going along with a get well basket.

I had no basket so I had to make one! I took a Ramen Noodles box and covered it in paper. If you had seen the socks that Anjeanette wore to her surgery, you would understand my color choices. Really I love pink and green together, however not necessarily quite as bright of a green.

A tip here, is to put your soup into a glass jar. It's easy for transporting, wont spill, and they don't have anything to wash and return to you! I always save my glass jars for things like this! And there are so many ways to make these jars cute. Last bonus on this is, who doesn't love urban recycling!?
Who doesn't need a homemade, soft, warm chicken noodle soup? Even if Anjeanette didn't feel up to eating it, I knew her family would!
I also made her a bouquet of flowers! It was just biscuits baked in my flower pan!
I've been dying to make this card. Thanks, Anjeanette, for providing me plenty of opportunities to make it for! ;)

There are so many fun ideas to do for someone when they are sick, or have surgery! I was lucky enough to have Anjeanette's kids with me during the day (they are seriously so cute!!). So, I made sure to have them (plus my own kids) whip up a Get Well card for her, as well! I love those cards from my kids, and know she'll love ones from her kids! So, we slipped all of those cards into her basket, as well.

I'm wishing you a speedy recovery, Anjeanette!



Nicole Renee said...

So cute, wish I knew how to sew. Need to learn how to do that. LOL

RootsAndWingsCo said...

You can totally make this with out sewing!

There is a product called Heat N Bond. It is an iron-on adhesive. Just iron on the Heat N Bond onto the felt you want to cut the letters out of. Then there is a backing you peel off and iron the letter onto the background. I am certain you could sew on the button (or just glue it). You can then use the same stuff to iron the front of your card onto the back. Then just use some glue or liquid stitch (glue meant for fabrics) to add some rick rack around the edges instead of decorative stitching.

RootsAndWingsCo said...


I LOVE the bandaide card!!! I also like all the little Dr. themed cut outs all over the box! I am so glad Anjeanette has you close by!

From what I hear your soup hit some major spots!