Monday, March 16, 2009

LOOK! Last minute St.Patrick's Day Ideas!

Shamrock glasses! Cute, hu? Draw up your own template or grab one off the web. Here's one that I had for years.
Cut it all out and assemble for cute pictures of your kids with fun glasses on!
We love sorting in my house, and for my preschool! I love this math worksheet that goes along with sorting those yum-me marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal.
Don't forget to have Lucky Charms for breakfast! I rarely let my kids eat sugar cereals. They have seen this box in the pantry closet for a week now and have been counting down the days! I think the anticipation has been quite fun and will make the actual day of eating these even "sweeter"! These are a treat for me, as well! It was always my favorite cereal growing up. I know people eat these in different ways. I prefer to save all the marshmallows for the end. Then, when you get to them it's just pure, delightful, sugar shocking heaven!
Do you notice the green peeking out from under green rimmed cereal bowls? Well those are shamrocks. On holiday mornings my kids always find a tablescape. This always includes a placemat of some sort. Tomorrow they will have shamrocks under the bowls. There will not be designated seating, so they will sit wherever they want. The first surprise (though I do this every year so I'm not sure how surprised they will be) is that the milk will turn to green when poured in (easy to do with a few drops of green food coloring on the bottom of their bowl). After they are done eating I will have them all clear their bowls off the table (which is a norm here). One of them will have a 4 leaf clover and the rest are 3 leaf clovers. That person got the "lucky" shamrock and will receive an extra treat. Then, we will all go around the table and tell why we are also lucky! I love doing things like this with the kids!
These are 2 of the shamrocks I'm using. I've got 5 different ones that I'll be using, though only one will be a 4 leaf clover!
For our morning snack we will have shamrock pretzels. These are 3 large twisted pretzels, covered in yellow chocolate and stuck together to form a shamrock. Then, I also added a chocolate covered broken pretzel for the stems. Make sure to use plenty of chocolate where the pretzels attach to each other! And of course they had to be covered in green sprinkles!
I love going with green and gold to decorate for St Patrick's Day!
Here is an adorable leprechaun that first made it's appearance at our house last year or the year before. Anjeanette and her boys left this cute guy for us on our doorstop! He's moveable and so much fun. My kids have been running around with him this whole month. He's even been sliding down the slide in the backyard! Thankfully Anjeanette laminated him so he's very durable! You could easily make one of these with any leprechaun template you have. Just laminate him and add brads, eyelets, or yarn for moveable parts!
Don't forget the cute saying on the back:
I'm a little leprechaun
dressed in green
the tiniest man you've ever seen
if you ever catch me
so it's told
I'll give to you
my pot of gold!

Have a great green day!

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Tanielle said...

Such cute ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Have a Happy St. Patricks Day!


Lucky Mom said...

I will use the shamrock worksheet for my son's class next year. Great idea. Yummy to eat too! Only thing missing from this post is a cute pic of YOU in the glasses!

twinkle teaches said...

Cool ideas!!! I love the pretzels!

Sandy said...

Had to send your blog to my daughter.. you have such wonderful ideas for the kids to craft... thank you!