Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you do Tuesday's With Dorie?

If you like to bake, you should. Unfortunately, I think the group is closed now. But you could always follow along anyway. What is Tuesday's With Dorie? For me, it is therapy. It is like baking with 300+ of your best baking buddies every Tuesday. Dorie Greenspan has written this amazing baking book. The TWD group is told about a month in advance what recipe to bake what week. Today's Tuesday's With Dorie recipe is Devil's Food White Out Cake. It is the cake that graces the cover of the book. Check out Confessions of a City Eater for the recipe. Also check out what the amazing other TWD bakers came up with from the TWD blogroll.

I'm not a fan of chocolate. I know. There is something wrong with me. I do like Red Velvet cake when done right ;) I also do like my Mom's Crazy Cake. Some people know it as a Wacky Cake. What is not to love about making a Crazy Cake? You get to play in the pan with the ingredients and make little bubbling experiments...but I digress...this is not Mom's Crazy Cake.

I had a lot going on today. I decided to make cupcakes. Kind of like gourmet Ding-Dong's, I suppose. I cut out the top of each cupcake and filled it with the frosting. Put part of the cut out part back on and frosted the whole thing.

So for a non chocolate lover, I did enjoy the cake. It was just a lot of work. The frosting though...it was nice and marshmallow-ey;) Neither are something I would normally make. I love trying new things.


RootsAndWingsCo said...

How many times must I have to tell you that I will be your chocolate creations guinea pig. Yeah, I'm just that nice of a sister. Only for you (and any one else offering me chocolate delectables!!) would I do such a thing! This looks scrumptious! Your picture is gorgeous, too! Nice job!

Lucky Mom said...

Very professional. Your cupcakes could grace the cover of a magazine. Unless I eat them first!!!

twinkle teaches said...

I love, love to bake!!! Your cupcakes are lovely! :)