Monday, February 16, 2009

Cake for an Eosinophil or guilt free cake;)

My son turned three yesterday! Yay! Recently we found out the he has Eosinophilic Esophagitus or EE. Basically he is alergic to food...lots of food....most food. This means no cake for his birthday. I knew he was expecting one. I have seen these all over the internet. I was going back and forth between the paper cake slices and these little felt cakes. I'm having a felt love lately, so felt won out.

My favorite part is the whipped cream on top. Ooh I love it! And I thought ric-rac would make cute icing around the edges.

You can do a quick search and come up with lots of tutorials for the little cakes. I did find this tutorial for the whipped cream. I have no idea what it says, but I could get the idea from the pictures.

I made mine as little boxes. I put some party favors inside. I choose to make them blue because that is my son's favorite color. I used two pieces of felt for the circles on the lid and bottom. Between the layers, I put some cardboard. I didn't line the sides of the icing. And inside the bottom I put some cupcake paper to help it hold it's shape. I just did a very big blanket stitch to keep it in place.

I had to think outside of the box. It was fun.


RootsAndWingsCo said...

Another fantastic idea! The whipped cream on top has me baffled! I'll have to look that up. It looks so realistic! Great job. I loved the inside of this, too! Such a great idea!!

Kat said...

I love it!

See us Moms always find a way. Just can't let our kids miss out on anything.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I really like it! Perhaps you could check out mine and lemme know what you think :D.

Lucky Mom said...

Sooooooooo dang cute. I love it.

sshoenninger said...

I found you blog today for the first time via oneprettything. I was totaly suprised as i was paging through you post to see eosinophil on a craft blog. I also have a three year old son with EE. Your cake is great. We have had our diagnosis for more than a year and have been able to expand his diet a lot. But it is still a daily battle to find safe options to keep our kids from feeling left out and this is a great option.