Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homework Station

back to school homework station
This year I am trying Oh-So-Hard to be better organized.  If you knew me at all, you would understand that this stuff does not come naturally for me.  However, with 3 kids now in school this is a necessity! 

School for my kids starts next Monday!  Crazy! 

One thing I knew I needed was a place for my kids to do their homework.  Last year I made a Homework Tote that worked well for my two older girls.  It had all the supplies that they would need while doing homework.  They would pull this out and bring it to the kitchen table to work on homework.  I found that whenever they had things going on (and really, when do they not) they were in my way while I was preparing dinner. 

Their Dad picked this small table up at a college thrift store.  It is really deep which I love!  I have this dark, corner (thus the dark and grainy photo) between two hallways that really was just a dumping ground.  It already houses an Ikea storage for all the outside accessories (coats, jackets, sports equipment) and musical instruments.  The corner had a little room left over and this table fits perfectly in there. 

I had to sit back and think through how this will work best.  Because it is deep the kids can dump their backpacks underneath it and push them back out of the way of their legs.  I’ve had backpacks on hooks before and the hooks usually break, so I love this idea.

I added a cute little shelf for their homework tote and a few more supplies.  I did not want a big shelf as this is to stay just for doing their homework (or crafting or writing letters or something of that sort). 

I wanted everything up off of the table so that they could all do homework at the same time.  My only exception was a very much needed lamp (because of this weird corner being so dark) and their pencil sharpener.  I got the lamp at walmart and love it.  It has slots for office supplies right in the base of it. 

I’ve already been putting reminders and things to memorize up on the walls right there and they are working like a charm! 


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Anji* said...

Rebecca - you are full of great ideas on getting organised for school, I think I need to take a leaf out of your book!