Monday, August 2, 2010

Back To School Week

back to school
Here at Roots And Wings Co we are going to have A Back To School Week.  Be sure to come back all week long for tips and tricks on having a great school year!

I’d love to hear everyone else’s traditions, tips, and tricks for Back To School!  You can leave these in the comments all week long and feel free to leave links to great back to school posts on your blog as well!

School for my kids starts next week!  I really love school and want to ensure to create a magical feeling about it for my children.  I have been in school mode getting all the supplies that they need (holey cow, has anyone else’s school supply lists been shockingly long this year?!  Ours were overwhelming!), making fun accessories to match their new outfits, organizing our house to run smoothly, and planning the back to school festivities.  Check back every day and I’ll share some of what I’m doing as well as some traditions and things that we have all done in previous years.

The above picture shows my first tip.  Actually it shows two.  Every year my children get to pick out a new backpack (their old ones barely make it to the end of the previous year).  My kids get so excited about this.  I enjoy seeing what they pick every year as they always fit that child’s personality to a T!  The above picture shows one daughter with a pink camo messenger bag.  She was going through a very tomboy phase, thus the camo, and wanted something different from the average backpack, thus the messenger style instead of a normal 2 arm strap backpack.  The other daughter adores cats, so this backpack was a no brainer!
The other tip I’m going to remind everyone about is picture taking on the first day (or some of us may do it the whole first week!).  I always take pictures of my kids with their new backpacks as well as taking pictures of them in their new clothes.  Here is a list of other great pictures to remember to take:
At home with a sign stating what year they are now in
Showing with their fingers what grade they are in (4-fourth)
With their Siblings
With their Best Friends
With their Teacher
With You!
In front of their school (get the school name in it too)
Going into the school
Outside their classroom (ours always have the whole class listed as well as the class number and teacher’s name)
In their new desk (usually has name strip and more)
In front of any great parts of their classroom (kindergarten rooms are the best!)
Getting onto or off the bus
Coming out of the school the first day

I actually feel pretty ready for school this year and hope it is a sign of things yet to come! ;) 
I hope this helps you to start thinking about school!  I think that most of you have a few more weeks than we do.  Good luck to everyone.  I really love how exciting a fresh new year is!  I am always so excited about all of the things my kids will learn, all of the new experiences they will have, and all the fun they will have with friends.  I hope to instill in them the same love and excitement for school that I have!

What was most important to you when you started back to school?  What traditions did you have growing up?  What do you do for your children?



Pauline said...

I am so excited about your blog this week. We don't start until the 18th. so I will have this week to get ideas:) and then start working on things for the back to school week!
I always take pictures of them the morning of.. outside and with our neighbor (my daughter's best friend). And then pictures with their new teachers. I am excited about school starting again:)
Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

sjchunko said...

We have the "Back to School" fairy visit us the night before school starts. She brings some fun pencils, folders, treats and of course, fairy dust! We move around a lot with my hubby's job so this is one way that we can give the kids some tradition and stability. My son LOVES that the fairy visits him! We also do the pictures with the sign of the school, grade, year, etc.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love the idea of a fairy visiting and leaving fun stuff! I totally agree that you can come up with your own ways of adding stability! What a great way to do that sjchunko!

Thanks for everyone's ideas so far!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca! Hasn't anyone told the school board that the first of August in ARIZONA is just too darn hot to go to school?

What are they thinking?

Love the back packs by the way - very much.

mayaluna said...

I can't believe how early school starts for you! Your girls look quite ready, though. Along with first day photos, we also often go out to ice cream right after school and then have a special dinner of their choosing. Have a great beginning!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

We also do the ice cream and dinner thing as well! I usually drive straight from picking them up from school, to Dairy Queen (or Sonic, whichever they choose that year). I find they have so much to say and going for ice cream gives us more time as well as keeps the excitement of the day going. We have traded off going out to dinner or just having a special dinner with treats! Thanks for your comments!