Friday, August 6, 2010

Back To School Accessories

back to school jewelry a
I’ve had so much fun this summer coming up with accessories for my girls’ new school clothes. 
When we shopped for new school clothes I see that accessories are everywhere!  And they are expensive!  So, I sought out to get them plenty of accessories that looked just like the ones in the stores, but for next to nothing (the ones that I made were from supplies that I already had on hand).  I don’t want to have a heart attack when they break or get lost and since I spent next to nothing on these I wont care!
That is just a portion of what my girls have acquired this summer.  Some of the items I picked up RIDICULOUSLY cheap at street fairs. 
Some were given to me (the white bracelet in the middle was made by my little sister for me). 
The rest were made by me. 
I made a bunch of those cute flower clips.  These can be used as a barett or clipped onto a headband. 
I tried to use as many different materials as I could.  There is a green and white braided headband in the above picture.  It was made from nylon weaving loops!  I also used cording, leather, beads, ribbon, and embroidery thread.
Do you remember friendship bracelets?  My kids and I have been making them all summer.  Some of the bracelets are those that my kids have made.  They know about 4 different kinds of friendship bracelets now!
back to school jewelry b  I went through each outfit and made sure it had an accessory or two (or three) to go with it.  Their outfits are all ready to go, hanging in the closet like this.  The accessories are clipped onto the outfit that they go with.
I really had so much fun coming up with these accessories for my girls.  Next on our list are polymer clay jewelry!  Fun fun fun!


Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

I think my daughter wants to move in with you! She is turning into an accessories fiend and I am clueless! What a great idea to match it all up ahead of time!

Kim said...


shirley said...

what an awesome mom you are! I have boys, but you could come do my closet!! ;)