Thursday, August 5, 2010

Backpack and lunch bag name tags

These backpack and lunch bag name tags are super cute and easy to make!

You can customize these for anything that your child is into this year!
These were made by Katrina last year, and again she has a whole tutorial on how to make them!


CitricSugar said...

I am definitely making some of these to personalize my own backpack and lunch bag this fall... The best part of going back to university is the school supplies!! Thanks! :-)

Anne-Marie said...

Shrinky Dinks! Awesome! It has been ages since I've done a project like this.

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

I love this! What a great idea!!
My kiddos and I love to make Shrinky Dinks and I never new really what to do with them.

Thanks for sharing