Friday, August 6, 2010

Accessories For Your Backpack

back to school backpack accessory a All of that boondoggle that we made this summer is now ending up on my kids’ backpacks!  I think we got pretty good at it this summer (notice the big rainbow block on the right?)!  I’m loving that my kids want to put them on their backpacks so they are now useful, too!
back to school backpack accessory b
One of my daughters braided up these really long pieces using the plastic gimp from making boondoggles.  She wants to give some of them to her friends at school (you can bet these will be Christmas presents as well).
 back to school backpack accessory c
It is fun to let my kids add whatever they want to their backpacks. 
It makes it more personalized, and let’s be honest, what else are your kids going to do with all those key chains that they get!? 
My oldest made the leather Key Fob herself.  The Lego piece was from my Son’s birthday party.  One of the Lego girls was from Legoland and the other from my Nephew’s Lego birthday party. 
I think it’s is also a great way to remember the fun events that she made them at or got them from!


Jessica (aka Faeanne) said...

Did you make the Lego Guy Keychains or did you buy them that way? My son would absolutely love to have one of those!

Cassie said...

Fantastic idea!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!