Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kiss Rose Bud tutorial bonus idea

Rosebud tutorial:

Start with your supplies. Kisses. (I wanted carmel kisses but they sadly didn't have any in the store. I picked up these cherry cordial ones because the wrapper was fairly pink like a rosebud would be.) Floral wire. Floral Tape. Small baggies. Green ribbon to make leaves.

Put two kisses together. I use a little tape just to hold them a little. Years ago when I made these when I first met my husband, I hot glued them together. Then when we went to eat them, they were icky.

Put those two kisses in a bag and push them all the way to the top corner. I actually cut off the zipper part of the baggie to make it less bulky. You could totally use colored basket wrap or even just kitchen wrap. But I had these little baggies so that is what I used.

Wrap the plastic tightly around the kisses.

Attach it to the floral wire and start wrapping it with floral tape. Floral tape is a strange creature. It isn't sticky until you stretch on it. You have to pull the tape a little as you go. It stretches and conforms to your project nicely.

Make your leaf. You could actually pick up some leaves in the floral section of the craft store. But I wanted to be a little whimsical. So I made a loop with my ribbon.

Attach the leaf or several leaves to your stem and wrap the floral tape all the way to the bottom of your stem. Now make 11 more and you have a nice arrangement for someone you love.

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Lucky Mom said...

I did this 2 years ago for my daughter's preschool teacher. We bought a vase at the dollar store and she was soooo impressed with roses that don't wilt! Your's look EXCELLENT. I like your picture/instructions. I am going to follow your pointers next time. Good tutorial.