Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart Attack! Bonus idea

This one is easy. Cut out a bunch of hearts in different colors and sizes. Plaster them all over the wall/door/garage of your loved one. We like to do this and write nice things about the person on each heart and put it on their bedroom door the night before Valentine's Day. Then my kids wake up to nice notes on Valentine's Day.

A tradition of ours that stems back to when we were kids is that we always *Ding-Dong Ditched* on the night of Valentine's Day. We would leave a note and some candy on someones doorstep. We would quickly ring the bell and run. There would be a card saying something like *from your secret admirer*. Half the fun was when we DID get caught.

Our Dad always would go out the back door and around the house to the front door. He would leave a huge heart shaped box of chocolates with a note to my Mom from her secret admirer. He'd ring the door and run around to the side door. When we all opened the front door to see who was there, he would quietly come in from the side of the house. And none of us ever figured it out for years. We always looked forward to Mom's huge box of chocolates every year;)

In the past we have *Ding-Dong Ditched* and left a Heart Attack covering my friend's garage door. We also stuck a bunch of suckers in the ground lining their walk way.

We are having to come up with creative ways to celebrate, that don't include food or candy. I think this year my husband will run out the garage, around to the front of the house where he will put some books and special items we have made (the games you have seen here) and *Ding-Dong Ditch* our kids;)

The kids and I are going to give my husband's car a Heart Attack. (Never tape anything to the actual car, just the windows.) We will cover the windows and leave some love notes inside on his seat. They love decorating Daddy's car and leaving things for him.

Whatever you do, it is nice to get a little extra love or attention on Valentine's Day. Do something special for your kids and spouse just for fun.

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Wow, you have 862,000 awesomely creative ideas up today! I love this! I'll be linking.

Anonymous said...

found your post through One Pretty Thing-- I love these ideas! They are so sweet and heartfelt. I'm going to have to remember them to use in the future!