Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 12 Valentine Re-Mix tutorial

Last year I was all crafty and took pictures of the boys, fiddled around in Photoshop and came up a candy bar wrappers for my sons to give out for Valentines. I had them printed up on nice glossy card stock and my son helped me wrap them around the candy bars. As we were wrapping them around the candy bars, he looked at me and asked me when we get to do his *regular* Valentines like all the other kids do. Oh Dear! I missed the point. The point isn't to dazzle everyone with your brilliant crafting abilities. Hanging my head in shame. The point is to have fun with your kids. To give them something they are proud of making. To spend time with your kid.

This is my compromise for this year.

First gather your supplies. I bought a pack of Indiana Jones Valentines, Rubber cement glue, play-doh (they were on sale at Target), and a hole punch.

Center the Valentines in the punch and punch it out. My kids took turns with the punch. They really loved this part. My punch was exactly the same size as the top of the play-doh container. Yay!

I tried a couple different kinds of glue and found this one was the best for this project. Glue along the top edge of the play-doh.

Center the circles on the play-doh.

All done! We still used the play-doh stickers on the bottom that have the to and from. And we kept the Indiana Jones tattoos;)

I had some cool travel paper that I was going to put along the outside of the play-doh bottle. My son didn't like the idea. I bet if you had a girl, they would let you dress up the outside more.

But I was able to do something more crafty than just signing your name to a purchased Valentine. He was able to get the *regular* Valentine. We did it without any candy (my almost three year old has a new ng feeding tube). We satisfied all our needs with this idea. AND most importantly, we had fun being together.


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Kat said...

I have to add that you punch is 2" and is the EXTRA LARGE Fiskars squeeze punch.

I got one after using yours but at the time they only had the large and discovered that it was not the same size as yours.

Love them!

erika said...

This is an amazing idea! I'll have to store this one for future reference. said...

This is awesome! I've been working on collecting projects that would make fun birthday party favors and this would be perfect!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

love that idea! Very creative!