Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cupcake Stand Like You’ve Never Seen

flower cupcake holder a
What would you do with acrylic and access to a laser cutter?  Here is what my friend and I did.

Check out this amazing cupcake holder!  My friend and I are collaborating on some really cool cupcake holders!  We would love your feedback!
flower cupcake holder b
My friend has a laser cutter and so together we are brainstorming some innovative designs that we hope you have never seen somewhere else before.  Isn’t that flower shape fun?
flower cupcake holder d
Check out the details on this like the top of the flower curling outward.
flower cupcake holder g
The bottom is 1 inch high to support anything you want to fill it up with.  We used one small bag of Jelly Belly’s to fill this one up. 
If we had finished these sooner they would have been my teacher appreciation gifts!  They would also be fun to customize the color of the flower to the recipient’s favorite color, or to match the décor of a party!  Wouldn’t a yellow one look like a pretty tulip?
We would love your feedback about this.  We have a ton more designs that we are working on.  I am going to show you our prototypes and am asking for any and all feedback on them.  I would love to know what you think of them, how you would change them, what you like best, and any ideas you have for future design ideas. 

Thanks so much,

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Myrnie said...

Super fun idea! These look like a GREAT way to make cupcakes more "substantial" at a party- one at each place setting for the kids, or for the girls at church on their fun! The only thing I would change is make it easier to lift the cupcake out without getting covered in frosting :) OH, I just had a brilliant idea- make cupcake holders that little kids could hold while eating their cupcakes, so they don't get so messy! If you can do that, I'll order a box full :)

Valerie said...

That is so cute! I can't imagine having an awesome machine like that. :)

Jessa said...

Holy cow that's awesome! How's school? Are you done yet?

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone. Knowing someone with a laser cutter has opened up so many intriguing options! ;) I have way more ideas than I can ever try and make!


jojo said...

merci c est genial bises